Gavita Pro 300W Plasma Light Review

Main Features

You don’t need to go through too many plasma light reviews to know Gavita for producing some of the best horticultural products in the business, and the Gavita Pro 300W Plasma Light, one of Gavita’s earlier entries into the plasma market (, is consistent with their reputation. The Gavita Pro 300 LEP promises the full spectrum of light that your plants need for optimal light absorption, while also boasting efficient energy consumption and an impressive lifespan of 30,000 hours.

impressive lifespan of 30,000 hours.

But is that enough to justify a $1000 price tag?

First Impressions

…built with the precision of a luxury car

Choosing the Right Emitter

Gavita offers two models of the Pro 300 LEP, each with a different plasma emitter from Luxim. Choosing the correct emitter comes down to simply how you intend to use the Pro 300:

41.01 Model

41.02 Model

Although it wouldn’t be a bad idea to experiment with the 41.01 emitter alongside an HPS bulb (read review of iPower 600W HPS), we think it would make more sense to go for the 41.02 for 

Several Reasons

Bang for your Buck?

These days, it’s no surprise that plasma technology will cost you; the amount of research that goes into developing plasma lighting is extensive, and you’re basically paying for all the ingenuity that goes into it. Taking into consideration that Gavita does their own research and offers plenty of information about their products, and we’d gladly pay a little extra for the quality. But even with all the money being saved over time with reductions in power consumption, it can still be difficult for many cannabis growers to justify spending over $1000 on a single lamp, especially as a supplemental light source. Even if you decide to get a Pro 300, the results in your grow may not be as dramatic as you may expect with regards to yield and quality. After all, the light only covers a 4’x 4’ (×4-setup-guide/) area, which we found to be pretty standard as far as plasma lights are concerned.

spending over $1000 on a single lamp

Bottom Line

We love Gavita, but as far as cannabis growing is concerned, we can find plenty of other cost-effective ways to spend a thousand bucks. If you’re willing to take the risk on the Gavita Pro 300, be sure to take advantage of Gavita’s warranty program (because you simply never know), otherwise we recommend that you opt for one of Gavita’s newer plasma models, like the Pro 270E, or check out our Gavita 906050 review if you’re looking for a less expensive alternative.

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