iPower 600W HPS Grow Light Review

iPower 600W HPS Grow Light Review

Digital Dimmable Wing Set

Main Features

Choosing a proper light source for your indoor garden is among the first things you want to do when planning your setup. 600 W HID lamps have the greatest lumen output per watt of all HIDs and will provide enough light for mid size grows, ideally ranging from 4’’ x  4’’ grow tent  to 5’’ x  5’’ grow tent.

Learn more about HPS – high pressure sodium grow lights – 600W at https://plantsily.com/best-grow-lights/hps-grow-light-600w/

Two Great Features Really Stand Out on this iPower Wing Set

This setup is very cheap, making it the good choice for new attempts!

You’ll basically get two bulbs, a digital ballast, a socket to screw-in your bulbs and a bat wing reflector. The elements are really simple to put together, in fact the only thing you‘ll have to do is just to put in a few screws to attach the hood, and you’ll be good to go.

The overall feeling is it’s not a high quality lamp, even if users report satisfying results, long product life, and once again you can’t beat the price.

Its construction and general aesthetics are without surprise what you would expect in this price range, not really innovative and seem a bit flimsy.

On the other hand we’ve been surprised by its fairly light weight, enabling to hang it in almost any grow tent.

The dimmer is obviously the main interesting feature here. You can choose to use it at its full potential or to decrease it to 75 or 50 %. It can be very handy during the summer when temperatures increase heavily inside the grow room, or if you have young plants that don’t need the full power yet. If you are of two minds and hesitate between a 400 watt and this 600 watt system, go for the 600 watt as you can always turn it down.

The ballast is quiet

The ballast is quiet, but to use the dimmable function you must turn the unit off for 10 minutes before switching it to the new setting and only then, turn it back on. It’s a new generation digital ballast, way better and more secure than the old magnetic ones, wasting less energy on heat.

… can’t be compared to high end lamps.

Generally speaking, this set has proven its ability to maintain great performances over the time but can’t be compared to high end lamps. A great choice for beginners or those who are on a budget and still want to be able de use the dimmer.

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