Product Specs

The industry these days is all about LED panels (Click for more). They have proven their efficiency by reducing drastically power bills while providing great yields comparable or even superior to what you can get with a good old HID lamp.

Furthermore, manufacturers have the ability to customize fully the emitted light by using different colors and light warmth, getting the most out of those watts to ensure a light that will completely meet the specific needs of your beloved plants.

They also have a very low heat output compared to HID’s, and thus need a smaller air exhaustion and provide an easier climate control.

…increased aromatic qualities..

Finally, many say that the customized light allows your plants to develop increased aromatic qualities, unmatched under arc lamps.

However, many different models are available on the market with great differences in quality and prices. Choosing one that fits your project’s requirements can be tricky, especially since their price is very high, making it a risky investment.


VIPARSPECTRA is a UK based company manufacturing grow led panels since 2011. They have few products and this panel is part of an older product range they have now replaced with their newer series, which doesn’t include a 1000W model (highest is now 900W)

1200W LED Full Spectrum Panel

Real Power

It’s a nasty habit among manufacturers to often indicate two different wattage’s for a led panel, and I must say VIPARSPECTRA Led acts no different on that matter.

It’s very important to understand what it’s about, because the companies often put forward a wattage that doesn’t correspond to the real power consumption at all !

Here for example, the 1200 W represents a theoretical value, obtained by multiplying the total amount of LED’s by their theoretical power, which is the maximum power supposedly handled by each LED.

It gives a greater value than the real one, and manufacturers often prefer to use it instead, to make their products look more powerful to the unaware buyer.

This panel actually uses more or less 460W!


Should I Buy it?

If you have enough budget I clearly recommend to look into the latest series, as LED’s are a fairly new technology, research is ongoing and major upgrades are constantly added to new products.

If you don’t have the budget, you might consider buying this one, its price is decent.


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