Review – VIVOSUN 600W HPS

Digital Dimmable Ballast – Air Cooled Hood Reflector Set

  • Ballast: Provide consistent, stable power to the lamp for ultra bright, high intensity and a quality spectrum, dimmable.
  • Reflector: Highly reflective aluminum maximizes the light reflected to the plants.
  • Bulbs: Optimized spectrum and high PAR HPS bulb, and MH bulb
  • 24 Hour Dual Outlet Timer Controller.




This set might be the right choice for your grow room, if you are willing to pay the extra price. It has more to offer than the basic hood sets with digital dimmable ballasts like the iPower or the Apollo.

The main reason for that is because it comes with a great air cooled reflector which will definitely help you to maintain the ideal temperature in your growing space (click here for 3’x3′ tent review).


The unit will replace an old magnetic ballast with the best results. The VIVOSUN ballast is tinier and really quiet.

The heat output is greatly reduced and managed thanks to an internal premium quality fan, keeping all the electronics cool and ensuring a long life.

It has 4 adjustments, including the « super lumen feature » with supposedly delivers a more intense light, so you can choose between 600, 400 or 250 W, and give your plants the exact amount of light or adjust the temperature at any given time, from seedlings to budding.

However, you should keep in mind that most bulb manufacturers recommend to not dim your bulbs. For example using a 600 W HPS at 400 watts will decrease the bulb’s life expectancy and its light efficiency. You would have more lumens per watt using a 400 W bulb, so keep this in mind while you plan your next grow session.


Here is the main difference with the cheaper sets. The air cooled-hood allows you to connect ventilation ducting on both sides, and thus to plug it to your exhaustion and/or intake, ensuring a continuous fresh air-flow will cool down the bulb and get rid of all the extra heat.

“…is well designed and made of highly reflective textured aluminium”

It has a sturdy feel, is well designed and made of highly reflective textured aluminium providing a smooth light dispersal throughout the grow room and helping to avoid so called « hot spots ».

Furthermore, the highly transparent glass will protect your plants from burns while letting the light pass through.

This hood’s quality matches the one of the ballast and it will be a great asset during the hot months.


The bulbs are standard HPS and MH, but not low end ones, and are reported to maintain over 90% of their lumen output after 5000 hours.

As most bulbs on the market these days they have an optimized PAR that promotes a healthy plant development.

Beware of used bulbs…

…as some internet re-sellers use to add some in their sets, instead of new ones.

In conclusion we can say it’s a functional product that provides all the essential elements for a successful grow at a decent price, giving every grower the ability to enjoy a complete set.



2 Other 600W HPS Lamps:

– HPS Apollo Horticulture 600 Watt

–  iPower 600W HPS

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