Phresh 701005 Carbon Air Filter Review

Phresh 701005 Carbon Air Filter Review

If you are looking for growing room carbon filter we strongly recommend you look into filters offered by Phresh. It is a company that offers high-quality carbon air filters, among them, we can find Phresh 701005. What sets their products apart from others are:

How the Phresh 701005 is built?

All products are machine packed and because of that the carbon fit within is denser. That also prevents any unnecessary movement. As mentioned before the top and bottom of the product is made of aluminum. Thanks to such construction the whole filter is quite light. The entire body is covered by open air custom mesh that allows maximum airflow and filtration. The inside is filled with RC-48 Australian activated carbon. This carbon is very absorbent thanks to its porous surface. It comes from Western Australia. In filters is used only the purest form of it called “activated virgin” carbon. On top of that, to assure the best filtration, all Phresh Carbon Air Filters are equipped with high-quality pre-filter. For better air flow the internal base is formed in a cone shape.

Proven Efficiency

Thanks to its construction they are proven to keep 99,9% of bugs, moulds, pollen and dust from entering a grow room.

It also maintains an air flow of 90% at all time, by dint of patented pleating. If you strike to leave as little of a carbon footprint as possible you should be happy to hear that all filter produced by this company are made of 90% recycled materials.

According to air-stream removal tests filters produced by Phresh are extremely efficient and can absorb up to 108,3% of its own weight.

Ultimate Freshness

All models are packed tightly and sealed at the factory to ensure, as the manufacturer put it “ultimate freshness” and to make sure it has the longest life span possible. When buying Phresh products we can be certain that they aren’t repackaged in a distribution center, where they can become damaged. Therefore if you ever receive a package that looks like it was opened, you should definitely put a complaint through.

Why do I need it?

Carbon air filters are mostly used in gardens; however, their properties can benefit anyone. Especially people with allergies, such as dust allergies or mould allergies. This is because it can be easily used in conjunction with HEPA filters strengthening their efficiency. This product is often used by labs, plant breeders, tissue culture and commercial greenhouses. Now it is also available to you. If you still wonder why you should invest in such filter, here are few reasons:

Do they produce right size for me?

You will be pleasantly surprised. A wide variety of sizes is offered by the manufacturer. That will allow you to choose the right size that will be just ideal to be a grow box filter or grow tent air filter. If you are not sure what size growing room carbon filter you need, you can always use a CFM calculator available on manufacturer’s website.

The CFM calculator will allow you to accurately determine what size of a carbon air filter you should purchase. To receive a correct calculation you must enter such information as the size of the room. You should enter dimensions in feet (length, width and height) and a number of lights. The system then will calculate the size of the room and approximate CFM, which is nothing else but a volume flow in Cubic Feet per Minute.

Main Features


Phresh Air Filters are one of the best on the market. They offer not only a light structure, lighter than their competitors. The Smaller weight allows us to mount them on smaller constructions. Best quality of  RC-48 Australian activated carbon eliminates odors and 99,9% of bugs, moulds, pollen and dust. The structure of charcoal makes it more efficient than other carbons used in the competitive filter. The product is also equipped with the latest technologies, such as Anti Air Bypass. The device is also sold with additional high-quality pre-filter which helps to extend the life of the main filter.

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