Buy Pot Seeds Online

Purchasing from an online shop is the easiest way to access your own supply of marijuana seeds. You have an endless chance to explore their strain catalog and you can also compare prices from different pot shops. You just need to find a reputable and trustworthy shop like true north seed bank.

Growing Seeds for Personal Use

If you are going to order marijuana seeds from an online shop to be used for indoor growing, here’s how you can cultivate them:

Get four marijuana seeds and place them in small pots together with damp-peat-perlite mixture or coco coir, about two to five cm deep. After two weeks, the stalks will appear and you need to give it enough water and nutrients. After two months, it will transition to vegetative growth and you can transplant it to larger pots.

Once your marijuana plant grows between 30 to 60 cm tall they will begin the flowering stage and reach maturity after eight to ten weeks. Make sure you trim it at least three times. Once they mature, their trichomes will have a cloudy hue, an indication that it’s time for harvest.

To harvest, cut off the bigger branches and hang them in a dark room for two weeks. The room must have 50% relative humidity. For the drying process, trim off the leaves and get the dried buds. Store them in a mason jar together with a humidifier. Place the jar in a dark and cool storage, such as a cupboard. Open the lid every other day to allow the buds to burp. After one to two weeks, they are ready to use.

Where to buy pot seeds online

The initial step when buying online is to find a legitimate seed bank that offers fresh and inexpensive marijuana seeds. They must have international shipping to make sure that the seeds will be delivered to your area. There are many seed banks that you can find online. They offer economically-priced sativa and indica seeds. You can check out the catalog on their website to choose what you like to order. It is highly recommended that you go for potent and fast-growing auto-flowering marijuana seeds since they have massive yields.

True North Seed Bank

True North Seed Bank is the renowned international provider of high-quality marijuana seeds. They take pride in their 100% fresh and workable seeds. You can check out the wide variety of regular, feminized, and auto-flowering seeds. They also boast of unparalleled customer service, instant seed dispatch, and incredible online shopping experience. Here are some other things you can expect from the shop:

Growing marijuana indoors

Below are the things you need to successfully grow marijuana indoors:

To help your marijuana plant thrive in your indoor garden, you need to have the following:

1. Grow Tent

Reflective grow tent is highly-advisable for fast marijuana growth. The tent prevents outside light from reaching the growing area. It also combats mold and bug infestation that could harm your crop.

2. Extraction Fan

Extraction fan maintains the low temperature in the growing space and gives the plant their daily supply of CO2 from fresh air. If you don’t have an extraction fan, you can opt for an air-conditioner and CO2 generator, however they are more expensive.

3. Grow Light

Since you are cultivating your plants in an indoor set-up, marijuana grow lights will serve as an alternative for the natural sunlight outside. There are many kinds of grow lights that you can choose from and in order to select the ideal one to purchase, consider your budget, power limitations, growing goals, and the dimension of your room.

4. Ducting

Ducting is the key to proper ventilation system in your grow space. This prevents the heat from hot air from radiating towards your plants.

5. Carbon Filter

Naturally, marijuana plants give off a pungent smell that is a favorite among potheads and stoners, but not by your neighbors. This is why an activated carbon filter is essential, it effectively eliminates the odor when your plants start their flowering stage.

6. Pots

When growing your plants, you can utilize any gardening container. You can opt for fabric pots, plastic pots, planter beds, totes, or buckets. The decision is entirely up to you. If you are using soil as your growing medium, it is recommended that you use the biggest pot or container that could fit inside your growing area. This will give more space for the roots of your plant to spread.

7. Circulating fan

Circulating fan provides a natural gentle breeze to your plants. You can install numerous fans inside your growing area. Make sure that they have adjustable speed settings.

8. Filtered Water

Make sure that you have access to filtered water and your plants will thank you for that. Using clean water will ensure that your marijuana produce are free from contamination, chloramine, chlorine, fluoride and other harmful things. You don’t have to spend thousands to get filtered water. You can simply buy a 5 gallon jug and fill it with RO water. Place some stones inside the jug and bubble it for at least 24 hours.

9. Grow Medium

For marijuana plants, high-quality organic soil is the best grow medium. It offers proper support for your crops and helps it grow better.


As you continue to grow marijuana seeds, your skills will improve and your knowledge will widen. Use it to enhance your grow room and install proper equipment. Don’t hesitate to try out the latest growing techniques too. Always keep in mind that cultivating marijuana is an enjoyable and fulfilling hobby.

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