Complete Grow Tent Kits for Soil

To cultivate great varieties of indoor plants such as those medical and recreational cannabis plants you see in magazines, you need to determine the right equipment to purchase to start your indoor garden. But how will you know what to buy? Even if you spend hours researching and putting together a growing area, it would still be useless if you have no idea what you’re doing. But good thing there’s a solution that you can run to: grow rooms packages.

Indoor grow packages eliminate the hassle of shopping for different gardening equipment because it already comes with a complete set of grow light, nutrients, tools, and accessories. But with so many brands that sell grow packages in the market, how will you know which one to choose? In this article, you’ll find the tips and tricks on how to pick the right grow room package to get you started.

Grow Rooms with Soil

A commercial grow room is specifically engineered to house plants during germination up to the flowering stage. When designing an innovative and sustainable commercial grow room, many factors need to be considered such as how much space is needed, how to deliver power, how to water plants, and how to correctly light up space. Generally, sustainable growing involves soil and organic nutrients. Living soil has microfauna and microorganisms. They break down the nutrients found in the soil and help the plant absorb it easily. Organic nutrients and soils are not just sustainable, they also give a potent and delicious flavor to the buds, which non-organic techniques can’t give.

The majority of indoor growing methods utilize hydroponic “soils”, which is a combination of peat, coco, or sphagnum base. Using sustainable and organic hydroponic mediums will cut down your environmental impact.

Indoor Tent Kit for Soil

Indoor grow tent kits were created to help growers cultivate robust and lush cannabis plants. The kit contains high-end lighting, equipment, and tools that will make indoor gardening efficient and hassle-free. Now, all you need is water, soil, and plants.  Growing in a spare room or closet is messy and costly. With an indoor grow tent, cultivating is private and it establishes a much better environment for your plants compared to the old closet or bedroom. It offers convenience and efficiency that’s unbeatable in the market. Grow tent kits have different sizes like 2’ x 2’, which can fit perfectly in your closet and 10’ x 20’, which is large enough to put up in your garage.

Grow Lights

One of the essential components of an ideal grow tent kit is grow lights. You’ll be able to slim down your tent choices once you know the type of lighting setup you want, including:

No matter what lighting setup you choose, grow tent kits have a plug and play feature. It is also detailed with optimal lighting to cultivate a specific number of plants. If you want to upgrade your plant growth, you can always add additional side lighting. This will give your plants an equal amount of light from every angle. You can also make a fuller spectrum by installing different kinds of lights in your grow tent. For instance, if you have LED lighting, you can add some supplement MH and HPS lighting to achieve massive plant growth and high yields.

Using a Tent Safe Heater

To provide adequate warmness inside your grow room, heaters are a cheap yet effective investment. Indoor plants need to be in a room with 24 degrees Celsius of temperature. When it comes to cannabis, the temperature varies for each growth cycle. Thanks to the indoor growing method, you can manipulate the environment inside your grow room to match the needs of your plant for every growth cycle.

The only problem is, there are wide varieties of the heater in the market and it could get overwhelming sometimes. It’s hard to choose which kind of heater will work best for the size of your grow room or tent.

When you shop for a tent safe heater, choose one that has a thermostat control or temperature settings. Pick a product that has a clear and straightforward temperature regulation feature, much better if you buy a digital one.

Once you purchased the grow room heater that suits your requirements, there are three things that you need to keep in mind:

Two popular types of heaters:


There are a lot of options on how you can make your grow room innovative and sustainable. You can source out different organic or sustainable materials that are inexpensive yet efficient to support the growth of your plants. Marijuana growing is a resource-intensive hobby and each step can be incorporated with environment-friendly gestures to help make this industry greener and more sustainable.

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