How to Grow Marijuana from Seed: Easy Tips and Tricks

Finding an ideal space to grow your cannabis is very important. If you are just starting out, you can opt for a grow tent because it is cheap. You can put up different chambers for cloning and vegetative growth. This works perfectly for growers who live in studios or one-bedroom apartments with limited space.

When growing cannabis indoor, the first thing you need is a grow light. You can choose from High-Pressure Sodium (HPS), High-Intensity Discharge (HID), or Metal Halide (MH). These already come with bulbs, ballasts, and reflectors. If these lights emit too much heat, you can switch to a Compact Fluorescent (CF) or Light-Emitting Diode (LED). Make sure that you cover the footprints of your tent and set a reliable timer that controls turning the switch on and off.

Next, you need an activated carbon filter and exhaust fan. This combo removes bad odor and decreases heat. A clip-on circulating fan is a good option because it distributes air all throughout the tent. You also need to have a thermometer or hygrometer to keep track of the temperature and humidity inside the tent.

Once your growing space and equipment are set, its time to get some seeds to grow. You can get them from a friend or a dispensary. However, if you don’t have connections to any of these, you need to order some marijuana seeds and have it mailed to you. Your mailing address should never be the same as your growing place especially if you are growing it illegally. Be smart and unnoticeable – an important lesson if you are still belonging to the category “growing weed indoors for beginners“.

Lastly, you need to mix lose and airy soil in a 3-5 gallon bucket. Drill holes underneath the buckets and place saucers under the buckets to catch the excess water. As your marijuana grows, see to it that they are given proper nutrients and the right amount of water. Smart pots can also be used as planters. There are different smart pot sizes to choose from, depending on what variety or growth system you want to achieve.

What Seeds To Plant

How do you identify a healthy marijuana seed? Simple, it is hard and marbled brown. You can buy marijuana seeds online from around the world. These online stores provide plenty of advice on what variety to plant. They are also repositories of knowledge when it comes to the characteristics of each plant.

What Seeds Work Best For Beginners?

The timeless White Widow is the ideal seed for beginners. It is well-conditioned and very easy to grow.

Marijuana Seeds with High THC

If you are planning to plant seeds that contain high levels of THC, you need to know how they affect the human body. After smoking, you will have trouble speaking due to forgetfulness and feel self-conscious around other people. These are just some of the effects that you should know in terms of smoking marijuana with high THC content.

Indoor Lighting for Plants

Investing in an affordable yet good quality lighting inside your grow room is the key to premium marijuana yields. Below is the list of the most sought after marijuana grow lights for indoor growing:

HID Grow Lights

High-Intensity Discharge light is the epitome of lighting in the field of indoor growing. It cost a more than fluorescent and incandescent light but the value and output of this fixture justify its price. Though it is not as operative as LED light, it still produces more light per unit of electricity.

Fluorescent Grow Lights

This kind of light specifically utilizes HO or high-input T5 bulbs which are very popularly among small-time marijuana growers because they are incredibly cheap. For every package, it already comes with a ballast, reflector, and bulbs.

Apart from that, Fluorescent Grow Lights doesn’t vent out extra heat, unlike HID lightings. You can save money because you don’t have to install a cooling system in your grow space.

LED Grow Lights

Light emitting diode (LED) systems had been in this field for a long time. But it was just only recently that it has been discovered as an effective lighting set-up for indoor gardens. LED grow lights offer more versatility because these types of lights have different spectrum spread. They can be adjusted to cover more blue light or more red light. When the plants start to flower, you would need more red light like those produced by HPS grow lights.

The Ideal Place for Indoor Growing

Indoor growing is widely used compared to outdoor because it gives total freedom to temperature control and equipment set-up. It can also be anywhere, from closet, attic, garage, or garden shed, provided that it has a window and electricity for air circulation.

But what really makes an ideal indoor growing area? As long as nobody can access it except for you, then it is perfect. Even if marijuana is legal in your place, you need to be discreet about your activities since people might try to steal your harvest. The key to becoming a successful indoor grower is to be discreet and low key.

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