LED Grow Light Panel

LED grow lights can increase the vegetative process, improve terpenes and resin content, boost harvest, and help you save up to 50% on your electricity bill. This is why the majority of growers are switching to the best LED grow lights for indoor cannabis growing.

LED Advantages

LED grow lights are the most innovative lighting mechanism in the industry today. Here are the top advantages when using them:

  • Increased Lifespan

LED grow lights are well-known for their 50,000-hour lifespan. The lights operate at a low temperature, unlike traditional ones that produce a large amount of heat that significantly decreases their lifespan. The longevity of LEDs means less replacement cost and fewer expenses for growers.

  • Fast Harvest Cycle

LED grow lights can be utilized for the whole day with little to no impact on temperature. Growing cannabis in an indoor garden puts all the responsibility on you to tell your plants what season it is and how they should react. With the help of LEDs, you can change the amount of red wavelength light and daylight hours at a specific time to increase the growth rate of your plants.

  • Energy Efficient

Compared to alternative lighting systems, LED grow lights are more energy-efficient since they use 60% less energy for the same amount of light. They also expel less heat and deliver a broad light spectrum and growers can save a lot of money on their electricity bills.

  • Full Spectrum

Every lighting requirement that your plants need will be given by LED grow lights since they create a balanced full spectrum of light. They are also adjustable which makes it easy for growers to change the wavelength when plants transition to another cycle. LED grow lights replicate the natural light from the sun but even better.

  • Target Wavelength

LED grow lights allow growers to adjust the production of wavelengths, so plants get the ideal light they need to perform photosynthesis. Also, LEDs don’t produce unwanted light wavelengths that could just end up as waste instead, it creates the exact light spectrum the plants need.

  • Cool Operating Temperature

The most notable feature of LEDs is they don’t produce a lot of heat, unlike other lighting systems that create temperatures of up to 400 degrees. Since LEDs don’t impact the operating temperature inside the grow tent or any planting area, there’s no need to install a cooling system. Another expensive equipment ticked off the list.

  • Healthier and Stronger Plants

Traditional lighting systems are known for producing massive IR rays, heat, and UV rays, which dry up and burn the plants. With LED grow lights, these problems will be avoided. It creates less heat and damaging wavelengths. As a result, energy and water consumption are utilized to develop stronger and healthier plants.

  • Environment-Friendly

LED grow lights are 100% recyclable and environment-friendly. They don’t have any toxic substances such as mercury.

Buying Marijuana Seeds from a Seed Bank

LED grows lights are created without a balanced light spectrum that works great in both flowering and vegetative stage of cannabis. This means that you don’t have to replace your lighting system for each stage. You can use it until harvesting season.

Though this gives tons of advantage, some growers wanted to enhance their lights to achieve promising results and maximum efficiency during every growing stage. To do this, here are factors to consider when growing cannabis with LED grow lights.

  1. LED Grow Lights and Seedlings

Once your seeds have gone through germination, your future cannabis plant needs light to grow. Seedling is still delicate and it only needs a subtle amount of light. Therefore, you need to be careful when using LED grow lights. Good thing this type of light fixture has a dimming option, which you can control to turn your light into a lower intensity. You can also adjust the distance of your lights from your seedling. Just make sure you don’t move it too far since it can decrease the growth of your plants.

  1. LED Grow Lights for Vegetation Stage

To maximize the vegetative growth of your cannabis plant, turn on your LED grow lights for 18 hours each day and turn it off for 6 hours. Make sure that you track the development of your plants. If everything goes well, your plants will grow strong, lush, and healthy. If your plants grow spindly and thin, this is because they are not getting an adequate amount of light. Consider turning up the intensity using the dim option to turn things around.

The duration of your vegetative stage depends on the space of your grow room. Note that you can grow your plant in just 18-24 hours of light if you want. But, at some point, you will likely want to transition to the flowering stage since your plants might continue to grow much bigger than normal.

  1. LED Lights for Flowering Stage

Ideally, photoperiodic marijuana plants begin to flower during late summer because this is the time when daylight hours naturally start to depreciate. In an indoor garden, it is up to the growers to encourage flowering by setting the light schedule to 12 hours of darkness and 12 hours of light. Most LED grow lights have a flowering switch, making it easy for growers to set the lighting system in flowering mode.

It is important that during the 12-12 flowering schedule of plants, the 12 hours of darkness are not interposed. Make sure that your growing area is light-proof, otherwise, your plant will reverse to flowering stage.


All of these advantages are made possible when cultivating with LED grow lights. Growers from different parts of the world have seen incredible results with this lighting system. You too can experience it. There are a lot of LEDs that will aid you in growing your cannabis plants at home.

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