LED Grow Lights vs. HPS

The debate over which is better between LED and HPS have been talked about in this industry ever since LEDs appeared in the market. Though LED grow lights have emerged as one of the most sought after lighting system, can it compete with HPS grow lights?

If you check out any online grow forum, it is clear that HPS grow light will end up the winner in the debate. However, with the improvement of LED technology over the last couple of years, the result is now unclear. Today, the best grow LED lights for cannabis are engineered to go head to head with the best quality light system to achieve incredible yields.

Furthermore, the cost of LEDs has decreased over the past few years, and this has led to improved chances to win the debate. But, growers who have been utilizing HPS lights may refuse to switch to LEDs, mainly because of its expensive price. However, if you look at it in the long run, LEDs are much cheaper since they cost less to operate. They have less power consumption and they don’t require high maintenance. Also, LEDs don’t easily lose their intensity compared to HPS lights. On top of that, the best LED grow lights for cannabis have a longer lifespan than can last up to 50,000-100,000 hours.

HPS Grow Lights

High-Pressure Sodium or HPS Grow Lights have been hailed as the best light system for first-time growers and expert cannabis farmers. They produce massive quantities of light, which is perfect for the flowering phase. However, they emit high levels of heat that decreases plant growth. Growers who use HPS lights also utilize Metal Halide during the vegetative phase since this combo is effective for overall growth. With a different light system for flowering and vegetative phase, this only means multiple expenses that require a lot of initial investment.

LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights are known for being the most efficient lighting system. This state of the art bulb combines accurate spectral output, advanced optics, and unmatched thermal management engineering to transform almost 100% of consumed power into fixed light energy. This is how LEDs achieve massive harvests while using less energy, unlike their HPS counterparts.

Furthermore, the LED grow light system is low-maintenance. It doesn’t need regular maintenance that costs a lot of money. This light system runs smoothly even with a simple cleaning. Also, growers don’t need to invest in multiple bulbs when using LEDs. They can use a single LED bulb from start to finish since it produces a full spectrum of light that optimizes fast growth. There are also adjustable LED grow lights that can be altered to fit the light requirement of the plants for different stages of growth.

HPS grow lights and LED grow lights both have equal capacity to produce high-quality yields. They also have unique features and advantages over the other. If budget is not a problem, it all comes down to the grow space and growing method to determine which of the two light systems is better for your plants.

LED Grow Light advantages

    1. Full Spectrum of Light

    LED grow lights create a fixed full spectrum of light. They give the sufficient light requirements of your plants. Avoid light systems that produce “blurple” lights since red and blue light is no longer advisable in modern cannabis growing.

    1. Speedy Harvesting Process

    LED grow lights are adjustable. With this, you will have the freedom to manipulate the daylight hours at the right schedule and change the amount of red light to support optimum plant growth. Using LEDs, you can speed up the harvest cycle of your plants and enjoy numerous harvests in one season. You can control the flowering schedule and improve yields.

    1. Energy-Efficient, More Savings

    LED grow lights are energy-efficient. They use 60% less energy consumption that beats any of their traditional counterparts. Since they cost less to operate, they also contribute to lower energy expenses.

    1. Lengthy Lifespan

    LED grow lights can last for a long period compared to other grow light systems in the market. It emits less heat and operates at low temperature that’s why it boasts more than 50,000 hours of lifespan.

    1. Operates in Low Temperature

    LED grow lights do not emit heat. With less heat production inside the grow space, the need to install a cooling system is no longer a requirement. With this, you don’t have to spend tons of money on a cooling system.

    1. Environment-Friendly

    LED grow lights are eco-friendly because they are recyclable. Certified by RoHS, this lighting mechanism doesn’t have any toxic chemical substances.

    1. Specific Wavelength

    LED grow lights produce targeted wavelengths that deliver the exact light requirement of plants to carry out photosynthesis. The traditional light system produces yellow and green wavelengths, which are often unused by plants. This is because plants only need a little amount of yellow and green light, the rest just ends up as waste.


    1. Sturdier and Bushy Plants
    Other light systems expel dangerous UV and IR rays. They also release a great amount of heat. When combined, all of these harmful substances can damage the plant and restrict their growth. LED grow lights support the proper growth of plants without expelling too much of these damaging substances. Thus, when growers utilize LEDs in their grow space, they notice healthier, sturdier, and bushier plants.


Plants are dependent on the sun to stimulate plant growth and support photosynthesis. If you want to cultivate a plant, it only makes sense if you place it in an area where it can receive sunlight. But in the case of indoor cannabis growing, the closest thing you can do is to install a high-quality and efficient LED grow light. Full-spectrum LEDs are the best indoor lighting system for beginner and professional growers. They are built to provide the lighting needs of the plant for each cycle. This lighting fixture replicates the light spectrum delivered by the sun in the comfort of your own home.

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