When shopping for marijuana seeds online or in dispensaries, it is important to know what to look out for and what to expect. The key to successful yield starts with top quality marijuana seeds. But how can you tell exactly if the seed is viable, healthy, and top-rate? Just by looking at the seed, one can partially determine its quality. However, you need to know what a healthy marijuana seed looks like and this can be hard, even for expert growers.

If you are planning to purchase your first-ever marijuana seeds from a marijuana seed bank and you want to distinguish weak from workable ones, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you will find out how to inspect a marijuana seed and find out if it is viable and healthy.

Healthy Marijuana Seeds: What Do They Look Like?

Healthy marijuana seeds are matured and they have a different appearance compared to immature seeds. For instance, feasible marijuana seeds meet all the ideal requirements when it comes to hardness, size, shape, and color. Here’s what a mature, healthy, and workable marijuana seed looks like:

  • Color of the seed – fertile marijuana seeds exhibits a red-brown, black, dark brown, or gray color. They also have a waxy or glossy texture in their peeling. On the other hand, marijuana seeds with light green, yellow, or white color have lower quality. It is an indication that they are harvested too early.
  • Hardness – matured marijuana seed has enough time to harden its shell, thus it has hard and smooth skin with zero damages. You can examine the hardness of the seed by placing it between your fingers and pressing it gently. Immature seeds will instantly crack while high-quality seeds won’t crumble.
  • Shape and Size – marijuana seeds have a peculiar shape. They are oval, somehow similar to a drop and are little in size. The average seed is about 2-3 mm thick and 2-5 mm long.
  • Tiger Stripes – quality marijuana seeds have dark spots or tiger stripes. They are not usually visible to the naked eye but if you examine it closely, you’ll be able to tell.
  • Float test – To test out the feasibility of seed, place it in a glass full of purified water. After two hours, seeds with adequate mass will sink. These are the seeds that have a higher chance of growth compared to seeds that are still floating.

Buying Marijuana Seeds from a Seed Bank

You can purchase topnotch marijuana seeds with high feasibility from a legitimate and reputable seed bank. But make sure that you do your research first before you get your money involved. There are different seed bank that you can find out there and choosing the best one among all of them can be challenging. To help, here are the things that you should look for in a trustworthy and professional seed bank:

  • Legitimate and won’t scam you
  • Best strains
  • Great yield
  • High-quality strains
  • Good value for money

Let’s Talk about Grow Tent Ventilation

Marijuana plants yearn for fresh air and a nice breeze that the great outdoors can give them. When cultivating indoors, you can manipulate the air circulation inside and utilize an exhaust fan or grow tent ventilation to replicate the ideal living environment for your plants.

You need to learn how to mimic the outdoor environment in your grow tent so your marijuana plants can successfully grow. On top of that, you also need to be able to combat mildew, mold, pests, and bugs from damaging your plants. By absorbing the hot air that your grow lights release and distributing fresh air, you will improve the growth of your plants and increase yields. Good ventilation is worth investing in!

Once you install the ideal ventilation in your grow tent, you will notice quicker plant growth and fewer problems. With regards to this, here are essential points that you need to know about proper air ventilation:

  • Air Circulation – Air circulation plays an important role in establishing the perfect living environment for your marijuana plants. Indoor growers work hard to replicate the natural environment. The movement of the air inside the grow room has a huge impact on how your plants will grow. Proper ventilation is a must.
  • Temperature & Humidity – an exhaust system regulates the level of humidity and temperature inside the grow tent. This is made possible by pulling out the hot and humid air and substituting it with fresh air. Fans inside the grow area also resolve humid and hot patches. You can also use viparspectra led grow lights for improved lights buy lower heat from the lighting.
  • Faster Growth, Massive Yields – when plants are situated in an ideal environment, they grow faster and create more buds, which results in massive yields.
  • Resilient Stems – a cool and nice environment strengthens the stems of marijuana plants.
  • Prevent Bugs and Molds – bugs and molds like to stay in humid, hot, and stagnant areas. Installing a good ventilation system will enable fresh and cool air to circulate in your grow tent. With this, any type of bugs and mold will be prevented.
  • Use Multiple Fans – air circulation is as essential as removing stagnant air. That’s why it is vital to install small oscillating fans and exhaust fans inside your grow tent.
  • Inexpensive yet Discrete Exhaust Systems – yes, there are inexpensive but stealthy ventilation systems that could give you excellent air circulation and exhaust. You don’t have to duct anything or drill multiple holes that could reveal your private marijuana garden.


This wraps up everything you need to know about marijuana growing. By this point, you probably know how to identify healthy, high-quality, and feasible marijuana seeds. You also know how to distinguish reputable seed banks from unreliable ones. On top of everything, you already have an idea on how to create the perfect living environment for your marijuana plants that’s close or better than the living situation outdoors.

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