5 Best Weed Growing Kits and Grow Boxes

5 Best Weed Growing Kits and Grow Boxes

Planting cannabis as a hobby and as a commercial venture has become very popular. Most beginners have never planted anything before and they want to ease themselves into growing marijuana in as simple and easy as possible. An indoor marijuana growing kit allows a total beginner to start their plantings with a smooth learning curve.

Planting cannabis and growing your own garden is satisfying and fun. However, you also need to invest your time, money, and energy into it. If you are a novice grower who is just starting off with limited financial source, an indoor garden might cost you too much. But don’t worry because you can start with a small outdoor garden and kick off your cannabis production without spending a large sum of

Top 5 Products

There are plenty of grow kits available on the market allowing plenty of options for the growers. The following are some of the most popular and best-selling kits currently available. These also happen to be the easiest to setup and use. These complete kits provide both a learning experience for novice growers, versatility for experienced growers and plenty of expansion possibilities.


Best Weed Growing Kits and Grow Boxes – The Details

Now that you know the benefits of having a weed grow kit, you might want to find out which kit is the best in the market. Below are the best recommendations that you can choose from

Topogrow is one of the popular brands when it comes to grow kit. They have an incredible selection of tools and equipment that’s why marijuana growers are satisfied with their products. Apart from that, they also offer versatile grow kits that work well with all stages of the growth cycle. Topogrow is the go-to hub of beginner and experienced growers because of their reliable and well-engineered kits.




HTG Supply grow kits are easy to assemble. You don’t need any tools to set-up the tent because it is specially made to be hassle-free. Aside from that, all the electronic equipment included in the kit can be directly plugged into household power outlets. Simplicity is the key for this grow kit. It is almost completely plug-and-play.



However, it is more advanced than other grow kits mainly due to the inclusion of the thermometer/hygrometer. It leaves nothing to chance. The thermometer allows the owner to adjust the fans and keep the plants at the optimum temperature. Too warm and the leaves curl and dry up, too cold and it does not grow fast enough. The hygrometer measures the humidity inside the tent. This ensures the optimum growing conditions for the plant. A dry environment, coupled with the direct lighting can burn the leaves and buds.

The sensors are there for the grower to tweak the grow kit settings. It is more important for hydroponic farming because all the nutrients go directly to the plant. There is no soil where the plant draws nutrients. Once the nutrients are fed to the water, it is automatically sucked up into the plant. This is like an IV feed of plant nutrients. This can lead to faster growth, however, it needs more monitoring. The plants can also be more delicate because of this.

HTG supply knows the importance of privacy so their package comes in plain boxes.


Do you want low maintenance yet high pot production? It’s possible with grow kits from TheBudGrower. This kit is suitable for all types of growers, even if you are a newbie or an expert. It provides the highest possible pot production minus the high level of maintenance. For a lot of growers, having a low maintenance grow kit is helpful because they don’t have the time to spend with the plants. Most newcomers are doing it part-time, mainly to see whether they can grow their own varieties. They have day jobs of their own, and they cannot be bothered with a 24-hour cycle of keeping their plants. You visit the plant in the basement, check the settings and then return the following day. It is that easy to use this grow kit.




This 2’ x 2’ growing tent is most suitable for growers who are just starting out in indoor gardening. TopoLite understands that beginners struggle from limited space and tight budget when it comes to marijuana growing. This is why they created a small and affordable growing tent that can house two medium sized plants and 4 small plants. The tent can accommodate the plants from the seedling stage up to the flowering stage. Apart from that, it can also function as a clone or seedling tent. This is a durable model and can be used by novices as well as for expansion purposes. It can accommodate different plant growth stages without any problems. Whether you are new to planting or an old hand, this is one grow kit that you should consider for your uses.




The Hongruilite growing system is another top choice among avid marijuana growers. It has a complete set of equipment which includes 1 grow tent, 1 carbon filter, 1 x 600W LED lights, 1 silver flex ducting, 1 inline fan, 1 changeable pre-filter, and 2 steel hose clamps. This growing system is perfect if you are just starting your marijuana garden or you want to upgrade your current growing system. The full spectrum model means that there is no need to change lights. This is great for novices who only want to learn how to grow marijuana. The intricacies of better growth, or growing for leaves and flowers is left out, and the novice farmer will more easily get into the practice needed for a successful first harvest.



Recommendations - Why Topogrow - Grow Tent Complete Kit is the Best

Topogrow provides well-engineered and complete grow kits that’s why they are the best in this industry. Their grow tents are durable and their appliances are highly efficient. They support higher yield and offers hassle-free indoor gardening. As the product name implies, this is a complete kit which contains everything that a starting grower needs. Start with the Complete Kit and use it to learn and experiment. While growing your weed, you learn a lot about the techniques and the methods to optimize plant growth and quality. This is an instructional grow kit and everything is in one box.

While growing your first crop cycle, you would have a better appreciation of the techniques and methods used. The intricacies of changing lights, as well as maintaining temperature is an object lesson in the day-to-day maintenance of the plant. It may take a several plantings or cycles before you fully learn how to take care of the crop. It would definitely take several plantings before you find the right variety you want to grow for the long term. The Topogrow Grow Tent Complete Kit is meant for long term use and it will get you from being a novice to an experienced grower. This is the grow kit that will benefit you for a long time and is a good long term investment.

What is a Weed Growing Kit and Why You Need It?

When starting off your outdoor garden, you need to have your very own weed growing kit which includes the following:
  • Containers – cannabis grows well if planted in terra cotta pots which you can easily get from your local hardware shop. You can also utilize a system that makes use of gravity to dispose of essential nutrient solution to your plants.
  • Medium – first-time growers should always start with coconut coir or a peat-perlite medium. These mediums can grow up to four plants.
  • Light – the best light fixtures which provide natural sunlight are the ceramic metal halide rigs and light-emitting diode (LED). Lights are the most costly part of a weed growing kit because of their quality. You can opt for cheaper lights but they stimulate a lot of heat which can damage your plants. LED lighting sets are usually included in grow kits because these can be adjusted to provide different spectrum for different growing stages. Choose adjustable LED lights when shopping for kits.
  • Nutrients – your cannabis needs fertilizer mix, aroma and flavor enhancer, propagation solution, carbohydrate, and bloom formulation. Local stores sell these nutrients in a bundle so you can buy them in the set.
  • Filter – an activated carbon filter is the best option when growing cannabis.
  • Fan – a small clip-on fan will control the heat and humidity in your garden.

Stages of Growing Marijuana

Marijuana is a plant, and goes through various stages of growth. Each stage has different nutritional and lighting requirements. Understanding this and adjusting accordingly would result in the best quality harvest.

Cannabis plants can grow very tall in the wild. However, planting in a marijuana grow box forces shorter plants because of better environmental control. That is one reason for the use of grow kits.

Stage 1: Proper Handling of Marijuana Seeds

You will have to buy the seeds separate from the grow kits. It is not commonly packaged with the grow kit. You can get your seeds online, from established suppliers. Separate the male seeds from female seeds as soon as you get them. This is because female marijuana plants use their energy to produce seeds instead of feeding the buds once it is pollinated. Growing a male and female seed together will only decrease bud production which will be a disaster for your harvest. To avoid this, put the seeds in separate containers and label them to avoid any mix up during planting.

Stage 2: Germination

Germination is the process wherein the seed develops into a plant after a time of dormancy. Germination will only take place if the seed is exposed to moisture. With this being said you can actually store your marijuana seeds in a sealed container to preserve them for future use. You just need to keep it dry and its quality won’t be affected even after a year.

Stage 3: Seedling

After planting the marijuana seeds, the seedling will start to grow. You will notice two embryonic leaves that will appear outward from the stem. These leaves grow so the young plant can receive the sunlight that will help it break away from the seed casing. You need to know that the embryonic leaves will not look like the usual marijuana leaves and that’s normal.

When the young plant grows its first pair of leaves, that’s when you’ll see the actual shape of marijuana leaves that you are used to. Marijuana leaves are so iconic that they are the symbol of the cannabis community. Weed growers and users also use it to express their lifestyle.

Stage 4: Vegetation Phase

This is the stage where the stem of the plant will start growing fuller and taller. It will also develop new nodes which create new branches and more leaves. This stage is popularly known as the vegetation or vegetative phase. Since your marijuana plant is growing and producing branches and leaves, it needs plenty of resources such as:
  • Fresh warm water
  • Flowing, dry air
  • Wide growing space
  • Plenty of nitrogen-rich organic nutrients such as seaweed or liquid fish. Providing a sufficient amount of these resources and nutrients will help your marijuana plant grow tremendously and yield higher production for you. In just three to six weeks, your plant can grow up to a 2-3 foot tall.

Stage 5: Pre-Flowering

A growing marijuana plant will reach the pre-flowering stage in a matter of one to five months. Once your plant reaches this stage, you’ll finally be able to tell if you planted all female seeds. When natural or artificial light starts to decrease, your marijuana plant is ready to undergo the flowering stage which is the next phase.

Stage 6: Flowering

During this stage, the marijuana plant will continuously produce leaves and sticks instead of the flower’s medicinal qualities. In order to turn things around, you need to slowly decrease its light exposure. You can start by exposing it to indoor lights for 12 hours only instead of 18 hours. You also need to reduce its exposure to daylight if you are using natural lighting.

Apart from lighting adjustment, your marijuana plant needs additional nutrients during the flowering stage. It needs phosphorous and potassium-based nutrients, which you can get from bat guano. Providing such nutrients will help the plant grow its flowers properly. Once it undergoes the flowering stage, you will start to see and smell muggy trichome-saturated cola buds developing from your plant.

After the next eight to ten weeks, the buds will start to grow long, slender, milky-white pistils. With just a simple light adjustment, your plant was able to successfully undergo the flowering phase.

Stage 7: Harvesting

The milky white pistils on the cola buds of your marijuana plant will turn into reddish orange once it is ready for harvest. You can also check the head of the trichomes using a microscope to check if it is flowing out of the ripe cola buds. Once the trichomes display an amber color, your buds are ready for harvest.

How to Grow the Best Marijuana

How to Grow the Best Marijuana

Growing quality marijuana starts with fine genetics. Just like human features, people acquire their physical appearance from the great genetics of their parents. In terms of the marijuana plant, you can’t harvest quality buds if your strain doesn’t have good qualities. With regards to this, you need to look for a good quality strain and invest your time and energy to develop it to be the best.

In addition to this, what you feed to your marijuana plants greatly affects its quality. But don’t fall under the false advertisement of nutrient manufacturers. They just want to sell their products and make more money. In order to avoid falling under such a trap, do your research and look for a reliable nutrient provider, whether online or offline.

Marijuana plants have different needs as it grows. What you feed it when it is a young will no longer be applicable once it grows. You need to determine the specific needs of your plant for each growing phase. For example, during the early stage of the flower cycle, marijuana needs plenty of nitrogen. When the cycle ends, it doesn’t need any of it anymore. This is because it will ruin its quality by giving it a metallic taste. Over the course of the whole cycle, the needs of your marijuana plant will undergo tremendous changes. It is up to you to adjust and address what it needs.

Lighting is also one of the key features to grow the best marijuana. Basically, the best source of light would be from natural daylight. Marijuana plants that are grown outdoors receive a full spectrum of natural light which is good for their growth. On the other hand, marijuana plants that are grown indoors don’t receive such quality of light. However, if you are an indoor grower, you can still give the best quality light to your plants by purchasing efficient lights, hoods, and ballasts. Apart from that, you also need to change the bulbs and reflectors at least once a year to ensure its top-notch capacity.

In addition to this, you need to provide an ideal environment for your marijuana plant so they can grow well. The humidity, temperature, and CO2 needs to be in optimum condition if you are planting outdoors or indoors.

On top of that, never interrupt your baby plants if they are sleeping. Marijuana has only 8 weeks to undergo the flowering stage and waking them up even just once can cause tremendous damages to their quality.

What is Included in a Weed Growing Kit

Indoor or outdoor marijuana garden won’t be too hard if you have your very own weed growing kit in hand. All you need are containers, nutrients, filter, medium, light, and fan. Apart from that, you also need to remember the growing stage of the marijuana plant. Make sure you address the needs of your plant for each stage to grow the best marijuana. With a grow kit, all you need are the seeds which can be sourced separately online.

On top of that, create an ideal growing space for your plant with an efficient light and enough temperature. Once you have gathered all of this, you are one step away from being a great marijuana grower.

Growing the Best Marijuana Indoors

If you are planning to grow your very own indoor marijuana garden, you can access cannabis seedlings or clones in your local dispensary. However, some pick their own seeds from growing plants because it has greater quality. For farmers of all kinds, the best teacher is the plant itself. You need to experience growing a plant in order to understand its relationship with the soil, water, nutrients and the lighting.

Growing marijuana indoors gives the planter the option to have pots with coir or other media, or to use hydroponic farming methods. Either way, the farmer has to experiment with growing the plant to know what works best for him, and for the plant. Trying out different varieties is par for the course. A farmer who does not try out different crops and varieties would end up with limited knowledge and no flexibility.

Weed Grow Box for Water and Hydroponic System

Efficient hydroponic system and correct water quantity are one of the key features in growing the best cannabis plant. Here is your guide on the amount of water nutrient solution you need to provide for your hydroponic plant:

  • For germination and uprooted clones – 1/5 gallon per day
  • For seedlings and rooted clones – ¼ to a ½ gallon per day
  • For early vegetative growth – ½ to 1 gallon per day
  • For later vegetative and pre-flowering – 1 to 2 gallons per day for a plant that measures 4 feet/1.2 meters in diameter (larger plants will need a higher amount of water)
  • For flowering – 1 to 3 gallons per day for a plant that measures 4 feet/1.2 meters in diameter (larger plants will need a higher amount of water)

Follow these specific water measurements to give proper water supply to your plants. You also need to install a recirculating hydroponic in your garden so that the nutrient solution will be distributed to the roots of the plant. Usually, the pump enables the nutrients to flow towards the roots. When the pump is turned off, the nutrient solution will come back to the storage. As the water is sipped by the plants, the level of the water storage will decrease. When this happens, it is highly advisable that you replace it regularly.

Apart from that, always measure and adjust the strength and pH of the nutrient solution after filling up the water storage in the recirculating hydroponic and waste hydroponic system. You need to replace the nutrient solution as often as possible to remove and replace the nutrient solution before the pH starts to reject it, or just when it begins to reject it. By following this routine, your marijuana plants will grow fuller and healthier in a short amount of time.

Different Indoor Lighting for Different Stages

When growing your indoor cannabis garden, there are different lightings that you can choose from. Below are some of the most popular choices among indoor growers:

LED Panels and cannabis

LED panels are sought after by amateur and experienced marijuana grower. This is because of its incredible features. It works just like HPS lights but with reduced heat emission and low power consumption. Since it doesn’t produce plenty of heat, there’s no reason for you to buy expensive air extract for your grow room or tent. With this being said, your growing area will have extra room for the heater, heating cables or heat mats during the cold days. LED lights have different power usage which starts from 90 w to 280 w.

Light manufactures have upgraded LED lights to provide efficient lighting for indoor marijuana garden. But despite this, there are still downsides about LED lights including its expensive price. Even though you can save a reasonable amount of money on your electricity bill because of its power-saving feature, the price is still too much to invest in. This is not recommended for beginner growers who have limited financial source.

High-Pressure Sodium or HPS lights

Even though LED lights seem to be dominating the market with its upgraded features, HPS lighting is still famous among marijuana growers for its incredible overall performance. This is the most suitable artificial light during the flowering and growth stage. It has high power usage which ranges from 250 w, 400 w, and 600 w. It can even accommodate large growing spaces with its 1000 w. On top of that, it is cheaper compared to LED lights.

The only disadvantage of this is its heightened heat emission. This will destroy the growth of cannabis plants because they shouldn’t be exposed to too much heat. To counter this, you can install air-cooled reflectors inside your growing space to eliminate the heat and bring back its ideal room temperature.

Fluorescent and CFL lights

Fluorescent and CFL lights are well-known for its energy-saving feature. It also has built-in ballasts which makes it easier to attach it to the reflector. After that, it can be plugged into any power source. That’s how easy and simple these light fixtures are.

Aside from that, Fluorescent and CFL lights also emit less heat and it consumes less energy. This is why indoor growers use it all the time for sprouting seeds and rooting cuttings. It is also the most fitted lighting during the flowering stage. There are different types of Fluorescent and CFL lights in the market and they vary in wattage. You can purchase fluorescent lights with 18 watt to 55 watt. On the other hand, CFLs vary from 100 watt up to 250 watt.

Metal Halide or MH lights

For indoor growers who wanted to tremendously increase the growth of their plants, they always go for Metal Halide lights or MH lights. This light fixture is mostly used during the vegetative stage because of its intensity and wide light spectrum. It is also ideal during the pre-flowering stage because it helps in the development of the plant and its flower production. By the end of the pre-flowering stage, your plant will have more flowers and a thicker structure.

When using MH lights, you need to have ballast for it to function. You can use the ballast from high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights because they are also compatible. However, you need to be careful with the wattage because the ballast that is used for HPS are for flowering stage and this time, you are using it for the vegetative stage or pre-flowering stage.

CMH LEC grow lights

The newest variation of grow light that appeared in the market is the Ceramic Metal Halide lamps. It has enhanced the light spectrum and first-rate features. CMH light aims to assist indoor growers to achieve higher pot production. This is the upgraded alternative for HPS lights.

CMH LEC grow lights include Lumatek Aurora 315w CMH LEC, Nanolux 315w CMH LEC, and SunBurst 315W CMH LEC.

Best LED Grow Lights

There are many grow lights in the market but what makes LED lights the best among them?

LED lights are lightweight and they produce more light per watt compared to HID or fluorescent lights. With this being said, LED lights are cooler since they emit less heat and they have low power consumption. To simply say it, these qualities of LEDs can help starting indoor growers save money and produce more harvest.

The experienced indoor grower knows the struggle of having a complicated lighting set-up. Wall lightings are complicated to hang and heavy stabilizers require a lot of effort carry. Aside from that, equipment like these needs regular replacement and they cost a lot of money.

LED grow lights are nothing like this. Although it functions just like HID and HPS lights, it doesn’t require messy and complicated set-up. It also doesn’t have to be maintained regularly. Investing in LED lights will save you time, effort, and money. In relation to this, LED grow light remains the top-notch and most productive grow light in the field of indoor gardening. In addition to that, LED grow lights generate an average of 75% more energy compared to conventional grow lights. It also emits light through wavelengths which don’t harm the plants.

Since you are using less amount of energy, you will have lower power bills and thus, you will have more money left that you can spend on other important things. You can also treat this extra cash as your reward for the hard work that you’ve been doing in your indoor garden.

Other Factors: Ventilation, Humidity, and Temperature

  • Ventilation – marijuana needs fresh flowing air for proper circulation of gases in the to grow tent or room. If you are growing your weed garden outside, proper ventilation won’t be your problem. However, if you are growing inside your home or apartment, this should be one of your concerns. You can buy an air exhaust and fan for fresh air circulation inside your growing space. Apart from that, you also need to prevent the production of molds and pest infestation to ensure quality marijuana production.
  • Humidity – Outdoor growers don’t have any control over the humidity of their surroundings and they could just hope for the best weather. But the changing weather also has its advantage to outdoor growers because their plants will become incredibly strong due to its high adaptability.

    On the other hand, indoor growers have the right hand to control the humidity inside their growing space. This makes it easy for them to prevent molds and pest infestation.

    No matter where you grow your marijuana, they need to be given an ideal environment with just the right amount of humidity so it can grow into a quality weed.

  • Temperature — Marijuana is a flexible plant because it can grow in cold and heated environment. However, it can still lose its function due to extreme weather conditions. They are not resistant to such extremities and they could die. They might survive it for some time but not too long. The strongest marijuana plant can survive at twenty-seven degrees centigrade. For indoor growers, you can achieve this temperature by installing air-conditioning units, fans, and cooling and heating mats. Lights also affect the temperature because it generates heat so you need to choose one that doesn’t emit too much heat.

For outdoor growers, you need to specifically determine the weather and choose your timing very well. You can track down the weather by installing a sun cycle app in your smartphone. Timing is very essential when you are growing your plants outdoor because it can go straight to the flowering stage if you are too early or repeat the vegging stage if you are too late

Weed Growing Kit - Top 5 Best Weed Growing Kits and Grow Boxes

Planting and growing marijuana in your home is an enjoyable yet costly way to access premium buds. Marijuana can adapt in different climates and it can survive in a wide array of growing spaces that includes a balcony, greenhouse, or even in an apartment. That’s how flexible this plant is. Apart from that, equipment for marijuana gardening is now easy to access because they are widely available in the market. Aside from that, marijuana gardening is also made simple for beginners. This is why there are many aspiring marijuana growers who want to give indoor or outdoor gardening a chance. Growing marijuana is fun and exciting but it also cost a lot of money, time, and energy. If you are a newbie in the pot production, indoor marijuana gardening might be uneconomic for you especially if you have a tight budget. However, you shouldn’t lose hope because there are still a lot of inexpensive options for a beginner like you. Always keep in mind that you can still harvest high-quality marijuana without spending too much money. First, you need to secure a sunny spot in your house that will serve as your growing space. It can be in your rooftop, terrace, balcony or backyard. After that, you need to purchase the best grow boxes and weed growing kit to successfully grow marijuana in your own home. You can look for quality growing kits and boxes online since there are a lot of reliable manufacturers out there. But if you don’t have the time to browse through several websites, you can simply head over to your local store. The best weed growing kit contains a grow tent, clip-on fan, thermometer, high-powered light, beams, filter, speed adjuster, and other essentials. Keep reading this article to find out other essential materials that you need for your growing kit. Having a complete weed growing kit has its benefits, including the following:
  • It is ideal for indoor growing. Grow kits are the best equipment for an indoor marijuana garden especially if you are a beginner. This is because grow kits are simple and easy to set up. All the materials that you need are readily available in your kit and all you have to do is assemble them to create the best environment for your cannabis garden. Now all you have to do is take good care of your plants and wait for the time that they are ready for harvest.
  • It comes with complete equipment to start your own indoor garden. Weed grow kit is a complete system. It has everything you need to kick off your very own indoor growing in the comfort of your home or apartment. When you purchase one grow kit, you will get every important item that you need for growing marijuana. It even comes with a grow tent and all the essential tools including light, fan, thermometer, and etc. With regards to this, there’s no need for you to purchase them separately in a different store. Gardening with weed grow kit will make your life hassle-free.
  • It is incredibly cheap. Weed grow kit is the complete package for everything you need about indoor gardening. Due to this, it is incredibly cost-efficient because you’ll get all the equipment you need in one payment instead of paying for each of them separately. On top of that, you get to spend time and effort because there’s no need for you to shop through different stores to gather all your gardening equipment. Grow kit totally saves you time, energy, and money.
  • It goes well with your indoor garden set-up. You can’t risk buying different equipment from different distributors because one of them might be incompatible with the other. This is why weed grow kits are popular among marijuana growers. It goes well with your indoor garden set-up because you will buy them in a complete set. You don’t have to worry about where to get the best light or the most efficient fan because grow kits have it all covered. You can guarantee that each tool is compatible with the other since they are specifically manufactured to function hand in hand.
  • It has a controlled environment. Yes, you can manipulate the environment inside your grow tent. You have every control on how to set up the temperature, humidity, and other related feature to your growing space. This is possible because of the incredible equipment that comes with the grow kit. Now, you can easily provide your baby plants the best environment for them to grow into lush and thick cannabis that we all love.
  • It eliminates odor in your growing space. Growing cannabis indoor comes with the reality that it will emit a certain aroma which needs to be prevented. This is because if you are an indoor grower, you are probably living in a neighborhood and you need to keep your garden as discreet as possible. Regardless of the legality of marijuana in your state, you still need to lay low since that is the key to successful pot production. Good thing grow kit comes with filters that remove odor and maintain the freshness in your room.

Choosing The Best Growing Kit and Grow Boxes

Here are the key factors you should consider when looking for the best grow kit:

Tent quality and size: To determine the size of your grow tent, you need to know the number of plants you are planning to grow. Then for the quality, you should go for a waterproof, lightproof, and durable grow tent. It should be made from high-quality material.

Soil or soilless: You need to determine what growing method you will use to choose the ideal grow kit. You can grow it with soil or water. After that, you’ll be able to decide what kind of grow kit you will buy.

The grow kit serves as the laboratory for planting. One problem with first time weed growers is that this is the first time they will ever grow something from a seed. Most growers are urban dwellers who have not touched soil before. The grow kits are meant as an easy introduction to commercial planting practices. It helps novices get in touch with the basics of plant growth. This is a long term exercise, where the new farmer has to decide what to plant, and where to plant it. He will also learn to read and understand the plant itself. At some point, there will be mistakes. However, with the use of these grow kits, the mistakes would be minimal and would not necessitate a do over.

Marijuana growing is not a one-off thing. The grow kits are not meant for single use. When the grower has harvested his first crop, it is time to plant the next one. The grow kits are durable and should last for several seasons, before replacing some parts, especially the bulbs. Choosing the best grow kits is not that hard. What’s harder is finding the discipline to go through the first season. Once that is finished, the decision to plant the second season is automatic.

Marijuana grow kit is the most essential investment you’ll make if you wanted to pursue indoor or outdoor gardening. It has a complete package and it will help you set-up the ideal environment for your plants. If you wanted higher production of weed, then you should start with choosing the best grow kit to install in your growing space.

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