4 Inch Inline Fan – We Review The Most Quiet Exhaust (Updated 2021)

4 inch inline fans review

Introduction to Quiet 4″ Inline Exhaust Fan

Did you know? Without it your plants will have a hard time expressing their full potential and you might be confronted to excessive heat or humidity, resulting in poor growth or fungal invasion.

4 inch inline extractor fan with proper ducting and accessories:
  • – Provides fresh air and brings in needed carbon dioxide
  • – Helps regulating climatic conditions (heat and humidity)
  • – Controls dust and mold
  • – Reduces odors

4 Inch Inline Exhaust Fan Comparison Table


– Designed To Exhaust and Intake Air

– 1 Year Warranty


– Durable ceramic-coated housing


– Sound reducing acoustic foam decreases fan noise by up to 50%

– Built-In Fan Motor Speed Controller

– Great Choice For Indoor Gardens


– Quality UL components for quiet operation

– Remove heat from the system to solves air delivery problems


You will want to make sure the air circulation (visit https://plantsily.com/filters-fans/) around your crop is adequate by choosing the proper equipment to keep your plants cool and happy all the time.

4 Inch Inline Exhaust Fan Review 2018


  • – Class I electrical insulation IP 44 protection thermal overload protection Class B motor insulation sealed for life
  • – Safety tested by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and are UL and cUL Listed. ETL Listed
  • – 4’’ Inline mixed flow duct fan-H: 203 cfm, L: 108 cfm



The Soler & Palau in-line exhaust fan is a customer-recommended product that works well in grow rooms. Not only does it create pristine growing conditions for your cannabis plant, it also improves the overall air quality in the room. It has a few disadvantages, as any product of its type will, but the advantages certainly far outweigh the negatives. It is dependable and reliable and definitely works well on any speed. Amazon customers gave the exhaust fan a 3.3-rating.

This is a top shelf fan. Designed to ensure the most quiet use, it’s been reported to do the job very smoothly. It’s light-weighted, has a high CFM rating and its motor insulation prevents vibrations, which is a great feature if you plan on hanging it in a grow tent, as most of the fans can cause heavy structural shaking.

Do not let the cost sway you from the purchase of this great exhaust fan. Despite the added costs, it is worth the expenditure. The exhaust fan offers professional quality, a long lifespan, and serves as a two-in-one product so it is easy to understand why the product is a bit costlier than other choices out there. It is well worth the added expense since it solves two problems in one and has such a nice warranty accommodating the purchase.

So, while it is true that a few disadvantages of using this exhaust fan exist, the advantages make it worth the few discrepancies. Compare the exhaust fan with others on the market and you’ll quickly discover that it exceeds expectations considerably more.The extended warranty also offers peace of mind and insurance in the product.

Definitely worth the price, it’s a must for anyone seeking discretion.


  • – Durable ceramic-coated housing
  • – UL-recognized components
  • – Includes mounting brackets and 8 foot pre-wired 120V cord



The Activ Air name is a trusted one that people in the growing industry have come to love over the years, but homeowners already knew how well the exhaust fans made by the brand worked. Now that the word is out, the Active Air 4-inch in-line exhaust fan is one that you should consider using. This product is compact and stylish and produces fast, smooth airflow that helps your cannabis plants thrive.

The exhaust fan fits easily into grow rooms of all sizes, instantly cooling the air and eliminating humid conditions. It is important to maintain proper humidity levels when growing cannabis and this exhaust fan ensures that your grow room is always comfortable enough for the plant to thrive. Thanks to a stylish design, it also adds sleek style to the room.

Activ Air is known for creating high-quality, durable products and this exhaust fan fits well into that category. Customers love that it is so durable and is not prone to rusting since the housing is inside ceramic coating. Smooth operation is one of the biggest highlights of this fan because no one wants a machine that is so loud that it drives them crazy. It is so quiet, in fact, you might forget that it is even running. Added electrical fees? Forget about that! It doesn’t run up the electricity bill.

The professional-grade exhaust fan is easy-to-install and includes brackets and mounting hardware that simplify the process. You can place it in almost any location with confidence with the use of these heavy-duty brackets. There is even a nice 1-year limited warranty offered, although the exhaust fan is built durable so it is unlikely it will ever be needed.

Even if it’s not good as the previous one, this is a great little fan! Really long lasting and sturdy, it’s been designed to work 24/7 and comes at a very decent price. However, it has been reported to produce a strong noise and is thus recommended for growers on a lower budget or those planning further investments in soundproofing accessories.


iPower is a well-known brand that creates products that provide durable, long-lasting use that exceeds customer expectations. This particular exhaust fan has 190 CFM with quiet operation. It fits into any standard household plug with the pre-wired. 110-volt, 5-ft. Power cord included with the product. All of the components inside the of exhaust fan are UL-certified. And, since the fan blades are made from composite material, further noise-reduction is noted.



A ceramic-coated housing prevents rust and protects the exhaust fan from damage. It also adds an extra layer of style to the unit. This prolongs the lifetime of the unit, ensuring that you get your money’s worth from the purchase. It is maintenance-free and easy to install and uninstall whenever you’d like. There is never any system rework necessary to install or uninstall this fan. And, since it comes in an all-in-one kit, you never worry or wonder how to complete your set-up. The kit contains complete instructions for easy install.

This is a great fan for long ductwork areas. It is fluted on both ends so it can be used in either direction. The mounting brackets included help install the fan over the air ducts, after which time this durable product can provide 24-hour operation in your grow room. And, the price of the fan is superb, especially considering that it is an all-in-one product. You can compare prices with other models, but this price is one of the lowest that you’ll encounter.

This product is well-enjoyed by users. In fact, it has earned a 4.2-star rating from Amazon users. When you purchase this exhaust fan, you can do so with confidence, assured that it will surpass your expectations.


Virtually noise-free, quite operation only starts to detail the many awesome benefits the TerraBloom 4-inch 100 CFM Inline duct fan. It is a favorite in grow rooms that can be used as an inline duct fan and as an exhaust fan, giving you awesome versatility for one low price.



This model is similar to the 180 CFM TerraBloom inline duct fan, though it is suitable for a smaller grow room. The fan includes a six-foot grounded power cord delivering 120V of power and an amazing 18 watts of power. this duct fan delivers fresh air into the room with pristine quality and care. Made of lightweight durable steel material, the duct fan provides long-lasting, worry-free use.

If you’re concerned with the happiness of other users, you’ll be satisfied to know that this is a highly-rated product with an excellent reputation. Amazon readers give the product a 4.4-star rating out of a possible 5-star rating.

The TerraBloom name backing the product adds even more assurance that you’re spending money on a product that will help your plants grow into healthy cultivations. This brand is well-known as a brand that creates highly-durable gardening products.


This versatile, state-of-the-art fan offers a sleek style to any grow room. It is versatile, with the ability to produce quality airflow in any room. This fan connects to four-inch ducts easily, so even people without handyman experience can install the product. Installation brackets are included which help determine the proper direction of the airflow.



The exhaust fan has an airflow rate of 188 CFM and provides 60 watts of power. Although it isn’t the most powerful of the fans available, it does a great job producing the airflow that helps your plant in any condition. It has a 2400 RPM speed with a built-in fan motor speed controller. The exhaust fan itself is high-quality, constructed from durable ABS plastic. And, the fan is lightweight!

Using this exhaust fan is something that users can do without worry that it will succumb to wear and tear. It is fully operable 24-hours per day, so there is never any potential harm to your plants. It doesn’t raise the electricity costs considerably, which is always an advantage for anyone who lives on a budget.

If you want a product that is recommended by many other people, this is one that will not disappoint. Ask other growers and they’ll likely recommend this name. Amazon customers give this exhaust fan a 4.1-star rating out of a possible 5-stars. Although there are some quirks, no product is perfect and the advantages of this fan outweigh any disadvantages by far. Overall, it provides a great value for the grower who wants a versatile exhaust fan that is also easy-to-install and that works well in most any grow room. Hundreds of customers cannot be wrong!

Inline fan speed controller

It’s a simple trick known to most growers:

Choose a fan with a CFM rating exceeding your needs and lower its speed. The noise will be reduced accordingly!


  • – Correctly and precisely adjust the speed of centrifugal fans
  • – Rated for 15 amps
  • – Internal, electronic auto-resetting circuit breaker

This item has multiple advantages: it will help you adjust the air flow to meet your grow-room requirements  while providing a significant noise level reduction at the same time!

If you wish more information or hesitate between a 4 inch, an 8 inch inline fan or a 6 inch exhaust fan, take a look at our dedicated section! We have the best and most up-to-date reviews about any piece of growing equipment you may need!

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