Main Features

  • Platinum LED lights provide the highest Par/Lumen Output Per Watt for any LED grow light offering 2x-3x light intensity of other grow lights on the market.
  • Provides superior 12-band full spectrum from the depths of UV to the heights of IR-providing growers a complete spectral output.
  • Ability to select VEG/FLOWER switches with 2x high speed whisper quiet fan.
  • Upgraded and newly designed aluminum cooling heat sinks.
  • 400w HPS replacement with 4.5ft x 3.8ft coverage at 18ft high.
  • Superb option for compact applications.
  • Excellent option for multiple units to provide even coverage.
  • Superior customer service with 5 Year Warranty plus exclusive 90 day satisfaction guarantee.


HID Replacement 400w HPS
W: 8.25″ x L:19″ x H: 3″
Weights 13lbs
Max Coverage at 18″ (Height 4.5’x3.8′)
Core Coverage at 18″(Height 3’x2′)
LED Quantity 100x3w USA Made LEDS
Lifespan 100,000 hours
Secondary LED Focusing Lens 90 Degrees
Average Power Draw: 93w Veg / 180w Bloom
Voltage: AC85V -260V


  • High PAR: The Photosynthetic Active Radiation is excellent. The PAR measures the intensity of the light emitted by the LED light. This LED grow light is known for the highest PAR per wattage. This makes this specific light review for 2016 one of our favorites so far. We have the high quality diodes and advanced technology to thank for that.
  • Platinum Advantage: Based on other LED lights on the market, the platinum ones stand apart from the others. This is because they offer the highest lumen output per watt. That means for cannabis growers it can make your energy budget much friendlier.
  • Light Spectrums: As we mentioned the Advanced Platinum P300 offers both Veg and Bloom light spectrums. These two variations are extremely important to growers who seek to deliver the best possible performance with artificial lighting for growing from start to finish.
  • Highest Quality LED lights: The reason we love this lamp for cannabis is the quality of the LEDs. This makes the reliability and efficiency our new best friend.


  • NOISE: Okay. Even though we are sort of in love with this LED, some of the comments made on Amazon are showing that even though it says it contains a “whisper quiet” fan, it’s not. It is loud. But, take the good with the bad, right?

At First Glance...

Before we get ahead of ourselves, a full review should be done on the Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w 12-band LED to make sure it is worthy of the high cost. Platinum LED grow lights seem to be a dime a dozen, but knowing how to choose the proper led grow lights (read more) will save you a ton of time, heartache and plants in the long run.

Not only are we looking at for the best LED grow lights, we want to know much like everyone else, if it is worth the investment.  With a high wattage led grow lights of 1000w or higher, our primary concern for cannabis growers is: will it provide the correct distribution of lumens and of course, at maximum capacity will the lights burn out or fade away? Even more important is will this LED grow light overheat due to a high wattage?

The Devil is in the Details

For those seeking the Best Marijuana Grow Light…

The Platinum Series P300 300w grow light is notorious for its efficient power consumption. For those seeking the best marijuana grow light, at first glance this LED light in particular is sort of amazing. For the cost, it can be one of the best lights for growing weed because it provides the highest par/lumen output per watt for any other LED light on the market offering 2 to 3 times the light intensity needed to produce VEG and BLOOM light spectrums.

This being said, we still need to take a closer look because as we all know, the devil is in the details.

Taking a Closer Look

The Series P300 12band LED Grow Light is known to produce a efficient light consumption, taking up less energy while providing growers with the best power output. We find this to be an extremely desirable option for this particular grow light, especially when we compare it to the other LED lights on the market.

Other elements that we like about this particular grow light are:

  • Platinum LED lights that are very energy efficient, great option for cannabis growers due to high energy costs.
  • This particular series offers growers a separate bloom and veg light spectrum.
  • Offers a combination of 12 bands making light distribution and control useful to growers.
  • Made in the USA and is the best you can get for this type of LED.
  • Plant covering area is 4.5 inches x 3.8 inches, making it go above and beyond the Galaxyhydro LED.
  • Five year warranty says it all. Backed by quality names like Bridgelux and CREE.

Spotlight on The Special Lens and 8 Cooling Fans

…ensures that all areas inside the grow room are equally distributing light…

The Advanced Platinum offers a primary lens to disperse the lumens over a larger area than other grow lights, but this one comes with a 90 degree secondary lens that not only makes this amazing for growing weed, it means it increases the reach of the lumens flowing through the powerful 3W lamps, making other LED grow lights, such as the King TM1200w, seem less than amazing.

 These two features both the 3W lamps and the 8 cooling fans make the Platinum P300 300w LED grow light ensures that all areas inside the grow room are equally distributing light as needed to produce amazing plants.


The Final Review

Regardless of the noise, we are overall extremely pleased with the Advanced Platinum Series P300.

Because it offers growers a combination of amazing growth options, excellent luminosity and cooling needs with the added feature of high wattage, it can be difficult to find anything else to compare it to.

These combinations are what make this LED light one of our favorites so far. Another feature that we should include in our final review is the luminosity and spectrum modification options are built into Platinum without compromising the lumens/watt ratio. For professional growers, finding this high quality LED grow light that offers so many advantages over disadvantages is something to rave about.

One For the Road
We have to make sure to emphasize how much we like the Advanced Platinum Series P300 grow light. A bonus for cannabis growers is the P300 is extremely energy efficient with high quality LED light bulbs combined with the wide light spectrum makes growing easy, efficient and insanely awesome.

Combine this with a 90 day money back guarantee and a 5 year warranty it is easy to see why this LED grow light is one of the best on the market.


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