MarsHydro 300/600 LED Review

MarsHydro 300/600 LED Review

Main Features for Mars300

Did you know? It has Marvelous Full Spectrum – MarsHydro lights deliver even par readings and utilize superior 12-band spectrum with IR to achieve maximum photosynthesis response. Higher yields, larger fruit, bigger flowers, all with increased potency and health.

Main Features for Mars600

Did you know? Marvelous Overall Savings – You will save 70% overall vs HPS/HID/MH lighting. No replacing ballasts, bulbs or installing expensive exhaust systems to combat excess heat issues common with HPS rooms. The MarsHydro lights also produce much more yield per watt.

MarsHydro Mars300 and Mars600 Grow Light Overview

The MarsHydro led lights provide a variety of 60 individual, 5 watt Epistar diodes. This offers growers a well-balanced light spectrum that includes a broad range of wavelengths: 430-440nm, 450-470nm, 620-630nm, 650-660nm, and white.

Additionally, lamps provide a decent spectrum for all stages of plant growth providing new growers with sufficient led grow light needs.  With the 140 watts of power, the diodes are not utilized to their full capacity to ensure growers receive a longer lasting grow light by not running all led lights over maximum limitations. Each diode is disclosed behind a small lens that protects the light in a scattered pattern ranging from 90 to 120 degrees to offer significant coverage to grow area.

Our Initial Thoughts for the Mars 300 and Mars 600

The MarsHydro 300 and Mars600 are reasonably priced and each one is a decent choice for those seeking an entry-level 5W Chip led grow light. We suggest to utilizing both 300 and 600W for seedlings, clones, leafy greens, sprouts and veggies, but overall not the best lamp for blooming or flowering needs. We feel this Mars300 is a cheap led grow light, but is it a good led light for cannabis growers?

Additional Information

Ideal Uses for Mars300 and 600 led lights

Technically this led light can produce flower during growth cycle, but users may find the difference from HPS to this particular led grow light to be unimpressive.

Does Extremely Well with Early Stages

For those looking for a sufficient grow light, the MarsHydro Mars300 and Mars600 does a fantastic job with seedlings, clones and vegging. Perfect for growers seeking an led light that will deliver the right amount of light intensity.


The lamp offers a large cooling fan that spins while light is in use. Blowing cool air over the heat sink that dissipates hot temps away from the diodes.

Diode Protection

A smaller protector is situated inside next to each LED light. This is meant to provide a fail safe for when one LED goes out, the remainder continue working. Although you shouldn’t expect the LEDs to burn out, this element is highly beneficial to protect against a catastrophic failure ensuring the entire panel does not turn off if one light is goes bad.

Excellent Customer Service

Even with the Mars 300 and Mars600 grow lights manufactured in China, the company still provides excellent customer service. With the addition of two US based service centers, customers are able to work directly with customer service reps.

Final Thoughts

In addition to the Mars300 and Mars600 led grow light the company also offers a Mars2 400. Compared to other led lamps, our GalaxyHydro led 300w review revolves around new growers searching for an inexpensive led grow light. The Mars600 provides a bit more bang for your buck, offering an extended growing cycle. Overall the GalaxyHydro Mars300 provides growers with a 50,000+ hours lifespan. For those not looking to spend over a $100 on a led grow light, this particular will do the trick.

Although it does offer growers a full light spectrum, it is not an ideal option for those seeking to use this led light for flowering only. It will produce flowers, just not the best compared to other led grow lights. For those looking to use this led grow light for seedlings, cloning and vegging, it is a decent choice. We found that the early growth cycle plants did very well compared to other led grow lights. Overall, a decent grow light for those seeking an inexpensive option.

Did you know?  This plant growing light can be used for both hydroponics and plants in soil, such as tomatoes, potatoes, pepper, lettuce, etc. Suitable for all indoor growing environment: grow tent, grow room, etc.

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