Yield Lab 600W HPS Set Review

Yield Lab 600W HPS Set Review

Air Cool Hood Reflector Digital Grow Light Kit

Main Features

600W HID lamps will give you more lumens for your watts than any other wattage, are the most widely used for medium scale projects, and provide sufficient lights in areas ideally ranging from 4’’ x  4’’  to 5’’ x  5’’. But before you go on and make a choice, some important aspects must be considered to ensure you buy a product matching your own requirements and is adapted to your specific project.

Having this in mind, the following things can be considered as serious advantages on this set

The Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast

…easier climate control…

A lot more secure and efficient than their older relatives, the magnetic types, these electronic ballast’s power consumption can be switched between the initial value and 50 or 75% of it, allowing an easier climate control, which often represents a challenge during summer months when dealing with HID setups.

It will also give you the ability to be more gentle with seedlings or young clones, and preventing plants to burn.

In addition to that, we can highlight the « super lumen » feature of this Solarlux ballast (youtube video) which increases even more this set’s efficiency.

The Air Cooled Hood Reflector

…will definitely help you to cool things up a bit…

If dealing with heat is a real concern of yours, as it is for most growers using small spaces and climatically controlled grow-tents, this hood reflector will definitely help you to cool things up a bit and come back within the right temperature range.

You can attach ducting to both its ends and plug it directly as a part of your air exhaustion system. The fresh air will come in and cool your bulb on its way out, ensuring the same time a proper exhaustion for your grow room.  Read our review page and choose the right filter for your growing tent Plantsily.com/filters-fans/.

Should I Buy this Product?

The overall impression is good, products are sturdy and made of quality materials. Unlike cheaper combinations and low end kits this one has everything you need for a stressless grow session, leaving heat related problems behind and allowing you to focus on other important aspects leading to the best yield.

The hood does a great job both at cooling the temperature and efficiently reflect the light throughout the area, ensuring your plants will benefit from the maximum light, even at lower levels.

…heat output from the powering unit itself

On the cons side, we can underline that many users report a high heat output from the powering unit itself, and regret that they must use a fan pointed at it to help scatter it and avoid hot points that can damage the plants.

We can also regret that an MH bulb is not included, increasing the cost a bit further if you want to veg your plants with it.

You can find more reviews about anything you may need for a successful grow on our website!

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