1000w growing lights review

What is available on the market?

A good lamp that fits your needs is the main element of any successful indoor gardening project, so when it comes to lighting your grow space, no mistakes should be made. A large range of various lamps is now available but in my experience, nothing tops a 1000w grow light.

They are the most powerful you can get and will provide enough for every medium to big scale grow rooms, ensuring your plants a healthy development and allowing them to express their full potential.


To choose a light source is not easy, there are plenty of 1000 watt grow light kits to choose from and many aspects should be considered, such as:

  • the initial price
  • the light spectrum efficiency
  • the operating cost and lifespan


The most well known and broadly used lamps we’re going to review belong to one of these two categories:

  • hps lamps are very efficient and gradually imposed themselves over the years as the standard within the industry and a reference for experienced home gardeners.
  • led lights however, have drastically changed old habits during the past decade when affordable and more effective models entered the market, allowing you to light your plants in an alternative way for a smaller operating cost.

Let’s look at some of them and see what the differences are really about.

Best 1000 Watt Grow Lights Review 2018


Apollo Horticulture 1000 – Watt High Pressure Sodium HPS Grow Light Bulb Lamp

price $

rating 4 star


This bulb has earned trust and respect among cheap hps grow lights, providing you with great performances for a reasonable price. Specially designed for hydroponic culture,the 2000K red-yellow is prevailing over blue-green spectrum, it can initially deliver between 120,000 and 140,000 lumens and is compatible with electronic and magnetic ballasts. It also can be used during both periods and seems to be a serious competitor to all the big name brands. Its reduced initial cost allows you to change the bulb at every grow session, maintaining a high level of light in the grow room.


EyeHortilux 1000-Watt Super HPS Spectrum Grow Bulb

price $

rating 4 star


This is considered as one of the most performant bulbs you can get for your lamp. Special effort was made by the manufacturer to put more energy into the violet, blue and green spectrum than in other lights, producing a very bright light having a rapid growth effect on plants. Users report a reasonable heat production and it can be used for both vegetative and flowering phases. It is lead free and has low levels of mercury compared to standard bulbs.


iPower 1000-Watt Light Digital Dimmable HPS MH Grow Light System for Plants

price $$

rating 4-5_star


This inexpensive kit comes with all necessary equipment: a 1000 watt dimmable electronic ballast, an HPS and an MH bulb, a reflector and a pair of hangers. It is easy to install and plug, without worrying about various elements compatibility. One of the great features here is the dimmable ballast, which allows you to set the right power when you need it, for example in case your grow space is overheating. It also lets you change between HPS and MH bulbs, providing the best light source for your plants at any given time.


1000 watt led grow lights


VIPARLED 1000W LED Plants Grow Light Full Spectrum

price $$$

rating 5 star 

Composed out of 200 5W LED, this panel uses only 460 Watts of real power. The red, blue and white spectral output fully covers PAR and is adapted for both growth and flowering periods, while the whole system is cooled through a heatsink and fans placed on the back, ensuring a moderate heat rise. Although this system can be purchased for a very reasonable price compared to equivalent led grow lights for weed, it still has to prove its efficiency on the long run. – Click here to read our full honest review of this lamp!


Advanced Platinum Series P900 900w 12-band LED Grow Light

price $$$$

rating 4 star


This panel reflects a higher level of requirements, and might convince you to try growing marijuana with led lights.

Despite its initial expensive cost, more growers seem eager to try it as it is described to honorably replace a 1000 watt HID lamp while consuming only 515 watts of actual power. It is said to produce a high PAR per watt with a complete 12 band spectrum, providing the most adapted light for your plants, a single switch allowing you to adapt the spectrum between veg and bloom stages.


Kind K5 XL1000 LED Grow Light

price $$$$

rating 5 star


This is among the top notch panels. Composed of 320 diodes ranging from 3 to 5 watts, it is said to produce the higher yield per watt known to any grow light. Featuring digital control over the spectrum and a timing function recreating natural conditions such as sunrise, sunset and zenith, it’s a good example of what the industry is aiming at these days, presenting complex customizable products based on intensive research and latest technologies. Goes without saying the price is high for this new type of lamps.


Gavita  Pro 1000 W DE Complete Fixture, 906050

price $$

rating 4 stars

  • Professional 1000 watt high frequency electronic ballast
  • Includes Philips 1000 watt double ended EL lamp
  • Microprocessor controlled with electronic safety circuit
  • Driver efficiency >95% and is adjustable to: 600/660/750/825/1150W
  • Operates at 240 Volts


This is among the lamps you might actually try, since you can buy it for less than $500.

They are reported to have a high heat output, and having no air cooling devices included they should be used carefully, especially in small or insufficiently ventilated spaces. It’s the most powerful Gavita plasma grow light.

Led grow lights vs hps

So what are the best lights for growing weed? Well, one might say it depends a lot on your budget and requirements.

Marijuana growing equipment is in constant evolution so let’s summer what we really know:



  • has a shorter light penetration ability but an increased lifespan
  • produces virtually no heat, can be managed with smaller air extraction
  • has reduced operational costs but a heavy initial price



  • good light penetration but shorter lifespan
  • reduced initial cost but higher power bills
  • produce a lot of heat and needs a powerful air extractor




Next Step: Purchase Marijuana seeds & Grow Tent

Now you have purchased your first grow light and the only thing missing is growing tent (choose the best grow tent) and marijuana seeds that you can buy from one of the weed seed banks.

If you are completely new to indoor growing visit our home page and read The Beginners Guide on How to Grow Weed at Home in 10 Easy Steps.

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