EyeHortilux 1000-Watt Super HPS Bulb

  • Spectrum bulb
  • Extends the growing season
  • Raises your lighting system to a new level of performance
  • Lead free
  • Contain less mercury than standard HPS lamps

EyeHortilux grow light 1000w



A nicely working lamp is essential for success when it comes to indoor weed growing, and if you choose to work with HID lamps the bulbs must be changed on a regular basis.

HID bulbs (read more) only provide their full efficiency for a limited amount of time (usually around a year) and then, the lumen output and overall energy level will start to drop.

You may not even notice it at first, since your bulb still lights up, but you are loosing valuable energy and it will have a negative effect on your crops.

So make sure you change it once in a while and maintain the best conditions for your ladies.


Make sure you buy an adapted bulb:

  • Check your ballast: It has a supported wattage and supported type of bulb, in this case you need one supporting 1000 W High Pressure Sodium bulbs. Some of them may only support MH bulbs, so be cautious. If you want to avoid problems choose a digital, dimmable ballast that supports both HPS and MH, and get the best you can, don’t try to save money on that!
  • Choose a bulb: Make sure your bulb matches the ballast’s specifics! If you want to use the dimmable feature on your ballast, make sure the bulbs support it, not all of them do…
  • Be extra super cautious: Some unscrupulous gear resellers buy used bulbs in bulks from large scale and commercial growers who change them after a while and sell them as new ones, often online. So be very cautious about that and if you can, always buy bulbs from a trusted source.




This bulb has been one of the leaders of the market for the past 20 years.

The light spectrum has been improved and customized with increased violet, blue, and green spectrums. Unlike regular HPS usually best used for flowering, this bulb can be used during both veg and budding phases.


Claimed benefits:

  • Produces noticeably larger, fuller flowers and overall heavier yields
  • Maintains results after multiple growth cycles, saving you money
  • Provides 25% more light energy than competitive brands in Violet, Blue and Green
  • Provides 17% more total spectral energy than the competition
  • Produces more spectral balance for increased plant response and accelerated growth


The manufacturer also highlights environmental friendly aspects:

  • Feature patented, environmentally-friendly design (EN).
  • Are completely lead-free.
  • Meet Federal EPA standards as non-hazardous.
  • Meet Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) test criteria as non-hazardous waste.


Should I buy it?

super HPS bulb will prove more efficient on the long term…

As it usually is when it comes to growing gear, the more expensive the better. It doesn’t mean you can’t achieve great results with a regular HPS, and many growers on a budget just don’t bother with these super bulbs while producing a lot. But it’s true that the super HPS bulb will prove more efficient on the long term, lasting longer and decreasing slower than a cheaper one.


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