HPS – high pressure sodium grow lights – 600W

600w hps grow light review

600w hps grow light review: Choose the right Grow Light Kit

When it comes to HID lamps, I think one of the most efficient compared to its power consumption is the 600 watt grow light. It tends to produce a higher rate of lumens per watt than all the smaller ones, nearly as much as a 1000 watt would but with a lower heat output and power use.

Nothing will make those ladies bloom as a 600 watt hps bulb, believe me!



HPS Grow Light System for Plants – the basics

A complete system is composed of 3 main elements:

  • the ballast is a power supply unit, it regulates and shapes the electricity into a regulated flow in order for the bulbs to produce smooth constant light.
  • the bulb: 2 main types of bulb can be found for these lamps: HPS (High Pressure Sodium), emitting in the yellow-red band, ideal for flowering stages and MH (Metal Halide), more fitted for vegetative periods, using cool to warm white and blue bands.
  • the reflector links the 2 previous items, it has a socket to fit the bulb and a cable to plug in the ballast, and is designed to reflect as much light as possible back down on the plants.


Now let’s review some 600w hps grow light kit models and help you appreciate what you can find on the market.


Apollo Horticulture 600 Watt Grow Light – Gull Wing Hood Set

price $$

rating 4-5_star

  • 1- Dimmable Electronic Fan Cooling Ballast; Acceptable input: 110v – 240v. Dimmable           Option: 50%, 75% & 100%
  • 1 – HPS Bulb: Lumen – 89,000  – 1 MH Bulb: Lumen – 55,000
  • 1 – Gull Wing Reflector: 19 »x15″x4.5″

Although it’s the cheapest set in the selection, it’s reported as easy to install and reliable, even if the reflector seems of low quality. Since it’s not dimmable you may need to use an additional cool tube set to gain control over the temperature. – Our Full Honest Review – https://plantsily.com/grow-lights/review-apollo-hps-600w/!


iPower 600-Watt Light- Wing Set

price $$

rating 4-5_star


  •  600-watt dimmable digital electronic ballast accept input 110-240-volt(ac). Dimmable level 50-percent, 75-percent and 100-percent
  • 1 x 600-watt super hps bulb and 1 mh bulb
  • 19-Inch wing reflector (adjustable)


Two great features on this setup: the super hps bulb with its enhanced spectrum and the dimmable feature enabling you to react fast when summer’s heat shows up, or to be more gentle with delicate clones or seedlings. – Read Full Honest Review – https://plantsily.com/grow-lights/ipower-600w-hps/!



VIVOSUN Hydroponic 600 Watt – Air Cooled Hood Reflector Set

price $$

rating 4-5_star

  • Ballast: Provide consistent, stable power to the lamp for ultra bright, high intensity and a quality spectrum, dimmable.
  • Reflector: Highly reflective aluminum maximizes the light reflected to the plants.
  • Bulbs: Optimized spectrum and high PAR HPS bulb, and MH bulb
  • 24 Hour Dual Outlet Timer Controller.


The dimmable ballast along with the air cooled reflector should be perfect when summer heat related problems begin, and the timer allows you to program your various devices for a timely managed grow. – Read Full Review – VIVOSUN 600W HPS!




Yield Lab 600w – Air Cool Hood Reflector Grow Light Kit

price $$



  • Good warranty. Ballast and reflector 3 Years, bulbs: 1 Year
  • 1x Yield Lab 600W Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast; 110v-240v. Dimmable: 50%, 75%, 100%
  • 1x HPS Bulb; 90,000 lumens; 24,000 hours; 30% more blue spectrum
  • 1 x MH Bulb; 61,000 lumens; 10,000 hours; 5,500K, Contains blue spectrum
  • 1 x Yield Lab Air Cool Hood Reflector


It’s the most expensive plain kit in my selection, the elements seem to be of high quality,  and once again the reflector and dimmable ballast should help you keep smooth climatic conditions. However, I need to say some users report possible problems with the ballast, bringing about much heat and sometimes simply crashing. Luckily it has a 3 year warranty along with the reflector!

– Read our full review of this set


Complete 4 x 4 Grow Tent Package w/ 600W Sealed HPS

price $$$$

 5 star


  • 4 x 4 Darkroom tent
  • 600W HPS Ballast and HPS bulb and Air Cooled Reflector w/Lens
  • 6″ Inline Fan, Charcoal filter and ducting
  • Complete ready to grow package full nutrient kit included


This one is a pretty well composed complete kit, unlike many other ones on the market. Tent’s size (click here) matches the lamp’s power, the fan is powerful enough to exhaust the lamp heated air through a nice charcoal filter, plus it comes with a full range of nutrients to help you keep your plants healthy.

I hope you enjoyed this review and have a better insight on the various possibilities and issues offered by this kind of lights. Of course on this website you can find a lot more reviews regarding anything you may need for a successful growing experience!


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