Review of Best LED Grow Lights for Growing Cannabis

by | May 7, 2018

All You Need to Know About LED Grow Lights

For some people, growing marijuana is a hobby that is just as fascinating as any gardening project. They take pride in creating plants that exceed expectations of modest growers. Most of these people are cannabis enthusiasts and nothing is more exciting than producing your own crop to enjoy at your leisure.  

The rewards that a grower earns when they produce a high-quality grow is like nothing ever experienced before. People across the world grow marijuana and as the laws begin to loosen just a bit concerning its use, more and more people are finding themselves with a green thumb.

Sadly, marijuana is still federally illegal across the country, leaving many people to grow indoors to avoid arrest and prosecution for a drug crime. Growers who reside in states with recreational marijuana laws oftentimes prefer to grow their cannabis indoors because it provides them better control over their grow operation. Some strains of cannabis prefer an indoor grow environment as well.


Our Recommendations For The Best LED Grow Lights – Comparison Table 

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Choosing Grow LED Lights

No matter which situation(s) applies to you, it is important that you’re equipped with the accessories necessary to successfully grow marijuana indoors. Although there are many different items that a grower needs to successfully grow marijuana, none of them are as important as the grow lights chosen. There are numerous styles of lamps that can be used during a cannabis indoor grow operation, though it is the LED grow light that seems to have caught the attention of professional growers. If you’re planning to grow marijuana indoors or are growing currently but unhappy with the situation for one reason or another, now is the time to learn more about LED grow lamps and why they’re an important part of your grow success.

A New Way to Grow

The LED light is an invention brought to use by one Nick Holonyak in 1962.  It’s been a long-time coming, but this invention is finally getting the much-deserved attention that’s been around us for so long, yet never fully utilized. LED technology is used inside TVs, lightbulbs, and many other items, even replacing the traditional incandescent bulb. These days, LED lights are one of the most-trusted light sources for growing plants indoors. It isn’t just cannabis that LED lights help, but the plant is one that certainly thrives from its use. Despite the new introduction to the cannabis cultivation scene, LED lights have proven themselves worthy in the short time they’ve been around, impressing users with enhanced plant growth, improved plant health, reduced energy consumption, and a slew of additional benefits. Growers prefer the LED light over other types because it produces heat in an alternate method compared to traditional bulbs. These bulbs mimic the photosynthesis process produced by the sunlight outdoors, producing heat that isn’t as hot as other lighting sources so the plant doesn’t dry out or suffer from heat exhaustion. This is an important process that any plant needs to successfully grow.

Best Application for LED Grow Lamps

LED grow lamps can be used in any indoor grow operation where quality result are important. Traditionally used during hydroponic grow operations, the grow lights are less commonly used during soil-based grow operations in combination with other lights, but can provide substantial result when used alone. Used independently, LED grow lights produce great results that helps create the photosynthesis process that plants need to grow into healthy, fruitful flowers. Growing cannabis is much  easier when there are LED lights nearby, whether it is a soil grow or a hydroponics grow. The photosynthesis process revolves around many spectrums of light. The LED grow lamp rotates between these various spectrums at the appropriate times (you can choose the heat/light patterns if you prefer, and with the right LED grow lamp in use) so the plant benefits in a multitude of ways. When LED lights are brought to indoor grow operations, you are essentially bringing the sunshine to your grow room. Your plants will thank you for bringing in the sunshine and giving them what they need by producing the most buds and capturing the beauty and essence that any quality grow produces.

Colors Matter

The sunlight contains a spectrum of light from all colors of the rainbow. Each of these various colors plays a different role in the production of a plant’s flowers. The more lighting a plant receives, the healthier, more potent it becomes. Cannabis plants are traditionally grown outdoors where they receive this full spectrum of colors that help balance warm and cool light. When cannabis is grown indoors, it doesn’t receive this full spectrum of lighting unless the grower provides this additional lighting. It is essential that any grower use an LED to replicate the natural solar spectrum that the plant would receive if it were growing outdoors. LED lights can produce abou 0.5/grams of flour per watt of light that is used. Although the actual results vary according to the strain and other factors, this is a good rule-of-thumb to follow. Best of all, the LED lamps work during each stage of growth, whether you’re working with seedlings or are in the flowering stage. Most of the LED lamps sold today feature wide spectrums of light that produces healthier buds with higher yields. This includes colors such as red, blue, white, violet, and others that help maintain plant health.

What’s an LED Grow Light?

Put a plant under LED lights and you’ll notice that it blossoms. Plants enjoy the LED light because it so closely mimics the natural sunlight they need to grow. It encourages the photosynthesis process in every stage and has a variety of lighting colors, each that benefits the plant in its own unique way. Red light mimics the photosynthesis process and helps them thrive during the flower and fruit stage, blue light helps them thrive and produce great foliage, and there is a wavelength of other colors produced by the LED lamp that the plant needs to reflect back to keep the leaves green and the plants otherwise healthy and growing to their fullest potential. Plants that are grown with LED grow lights oftentimes come out healthier, stronger, and with higher yields than traditional plants grown without this added lighting. The light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are used everywhere these days, including inside the TV screen! Diodes work as semiconductors to produce electrical current. It is the lowest form of electrical semiconductors around!

An LED is a small light bulb that is placed into an electrical circuit. If you look inside one of the lamps, you’ll notice dozens of these tiny bulbs and sometimes hundreds or more for larger panels. Each of these tiny bulbs is extremely functional and produces heat that helps the plant. They don’t burn out since there isn’t a filament inside, and they don’t produce heat in the same manner as a traditional light bulb.  The aluminum gallium arsenide, more commonly called ALGAe, found inside LED serves as the conductor material and bond with neighboring conductors so that no electrons are left spare. This creates a negative charge. Once extra electrons are added, an N-type material is created or holes are added that creates a P-type material for a conductive material. These materials bond together to create a low-emitting light that produces great voltage and emits its heat directly onto the plant.

Why are LED Lights So Popular for Growing Cannabis?

Anyone can grow cannabis who throws a few seeds (buy seeds here)  into some soil. The problem is, the flowers that this cannabis produces will likely be of poor quality and not very appealing during growth or during consumption. If you’re going to grow marijuana, it must be treated with lots of TLC and care to produce potent flowers and high yields. LED lights make that possible, improving results in each and every grow. The lights are used by beginner growers as well as those with novice experience. They appreciate the LED lamps and all that they offer to their plant.  Growing cannabis with LED lamps adds fun to the entire grow process because the colors are amazing. But, the lamps also help your grow result in buds that smell great, are potent, and that are impressive to the eye. There’s a plethora of reasons that growers choose LED grow lights, including:


  • LED lights keep the leaves of the plant moist, so they need watering less. Be sure that you do not overwater the plants, especially if you’re switching from HID or other lighting sources.


  • Plants receive the full photosynthesis process when LED lighting is used during the grow process. Each color on the wavelength produces different advantages for the plant, all of which it needs to maintain its health and substantial growth properties.


  • A variety of options of LED lights for all price ranges exist. Even when you have a modest budget, there are lights that can get you started with your grow. Compare the different options to find lights that are priced within your budget. The better LED lights, the better results.


  • Targeted light frequencies allow growers to choose their light settings during various stages of growth. Growers can put themselves in complete control thanks to the easy adjustments they can make. Most lamps feature a Veg and a Bloom setting, each producing the right amount of heat and light for that specific growth stage.

Why Should You Choose LED Grow Lights?

Choosing LED grow lights is a great way to ease some of the pressures of growing a great batch of cannabis. The lights produce better yields and allow better control of the grow situation during various stages. The lights help the plants thrive at every stage and with a multitude of options, there are LED lamps for every budget. And, of course, these lights are the top choice for growers across the world and you can listen to the advice that is offered from those who know best! There are tons of advantages of LED lights over HID lights and other lighting sources and those benefits should all convince you that there is no better choice in your lighting type. It is important to compare the various LED lights available before purchase. You must have a quality light in order to get the results that you want. But, this still doesn’t answer the question of why choosing LED lights is important. Who should use LED lights? Why should a grower buy LED lights? Choose LED lights if:

  • Cutting-edge technology is important for your grow operation. LED grow lights provide the latest, greatest technology for indoor cannabis growth that helps the plants substantially. The lights work well with any marijuana strain and produce higher yields, more potent flowers, and healthier plants throughout entire grow process.
  • You don’t mind spending a bit of money during the initial setup of your grow operation. There are lights starting at a cost of about $25 with some models that are priced well into the hundreds of dollars. When you compare the choices, you can find a set of grow lights within your budget that will produce the heat that you need for a successful grow.
  • Quality plants are important to you. Some growers enjoy growing just for the thrill of things, but the serious grower and cannabis enthusiast understand the importance of a quality grow. LED grow lamps help produce a higher-quality plant that has improved smell, increased trichome development, and greater potency. All of these qualities are important to a cannabis enthusiast.
  • If dealing with ducting and exhaust systems is a hassle you’d prefer not to deal with, you can purchase LED lights and hang them and go without any concern. Some of the other lighting options for your grow room require that you wire them through ducts and take other drastic measures to get them in place. That isn’t a worry when using LED lamps.
  • If you enjoy variety. With dozens of different LED grow lamps available, it is easy to accommodate your needs, regardless of the grow size, the type of cannabis you are growing, your location, or other factors. Lamps are sold in a variety of price range, so growers with modest budgets have many options to them, just as growers who want the best light have a plethora of choices available.

These reasons for using LED lamps in cannabis grow operations are only some of the many reasons that growers choose to use them. No matter the size of your grow operation, the area that you live, or the amount of cannabis you hope to yield, it is safe to say that LED lamps can help you reach your goals and more than you anticipated.  In other words, if you are growing cannabis indoors, these lights can be an amazing attribute to a successful plant. LED grow lights are very important to purchase to cultivate your marijuana.

LED Lights Pros & Cons

LED grow lamps offer far more advantages than other lighting sources. It is these advantages that have helped this lighting type become the most commonly used type in grow operations across the world.  Although the advantages of LED lights vary from one product to the next, at a minimum you can expect all of the following benefits listed below.

  • Easy-to-Use: LED grow lights are easy-to-use and easy-to-install. Growers who do not want the headache of a frustrating lighting install (or even the need to hire someone to install the lights) will appreciate the ease of the LED grow lamp in use.
  • Enhanced Plant Growth: When you produce plants that look good to the eye, you get more bragging rights than you originally had. This is the exact result you’ll get when using LED lights. These lights help the plant reach its fullest potential, emitting the exact light the plant needs at the exact time so that it flourishes. When plants receive the nutrients, light, heat, moisture, and water at the right times, it mimics the photosynthesis process that they need to efficiently grow into healthy, fruitful plants.
  • Less Heat: Cannabis plants need heat, but some of the lighting options cause the leaves to heat up to unsafe temperatures that turn the leaves brown and deprive the plant of the nutrients that it needs. Too much of a good thing is always bad, even when it is heat that the plant needs. Using LED lamps reduce the amount of heat that is produced so it is safer for the plant’s healthy. In fact, these lamps produce considerably less heat than the traditional bulbs and lights. In fact, they produce about 80% less heat than fluorescent or incandescent lamps. This extreme heat can be detrimental to the growth of the plant and can cause it considerable harm. Furthermore, plants need watering less often when LED lamps are used thanks to the lower heat temperatures.
  • Energy Conservation: Skyrocketing energy bills are a complaint for many growers who are using the wrong lighting system in their grow operation. Choosing LED lights eliminates that worry, ensuring energy conservation is always yours to enjoy. These lamps produce about 75% less energy than other lamps, which means you won’t notice drastic increases in the costs of your electricity bill. The average LED lamp consumes 100 watts of power and work up to 50% longer than other bulbs.
  • Efficiency: Photosynthetically Active Radiation, or PAR, is used inside LED lights, improving the efficiency and results they provide. They accelerate plant growth due to the various wavelengths being emitted through them, ensuring the plant receives all of the nutrients, light, and moisture that it needs to thrive. It is the best way to provide the photosynthesis process to plants when growing indoors. Using only a traditional white bulb fails to provide these wavelengths, harboring the growth.
  • Lifespan: Although the actual lifespan of the LED grow lights varies according to the specs and brand used, most average a 50,000-hour lifetime. Choosing a higher-quality lamp may produce up to 100,000 -hours or usage. The lights are good for daily use which means that they won’t stop working due to frequent usage. Most of the lamps can burn constantly for 10-hours daily and sustain their great lifetime.

There are some pretty exciting benefits for cannabis growers who choose LED lamps for their grow operation. Those we’ve listed above only begin to break the surface of the benefits that you’ll notice with them in use in your grow room. However, there are a few disadvantages of LED grow lights that is important to know before purchase. The benefits certainly exceed expectations and outweigh any disadvantage that LED lights could bring. Nonetheless, it is important that you’re aware of the disadvantages before you buy.

Some of the disadvantages of using LED grow lights include:

  • Cost: Although LED grow lights are sold in an array of prices to accommodate all budgets, they’re pricier than some of the other grow light options on the market today. It is important to use quality grow lights to yield the best results. In fact, if you can, splurging on grow lights is a worthwhile investment. However, it can become costly when purchasing the best LED lighting for marijuana grow operations. It is always a good idea to compare the options before spending money, but you will likely find that these lights are more expensive than the other lighting options for grow operations.
  • Less Heat: The less heat produced by the LED lamps is beneficial to the plant, but it can also mean that an alternate light/heating source becomes necessary during cooler months to keep the plants producing the same results. The need for added heat is minimized when you choose higher-quality LED lamps during your initial purchase. The higher the wattage of the LED lamp, the better.

You can understand why so many people are talking about LED lamps for their cannabis grow operation now that we’ve gave you the inside scoop. Now all that is left to do is choose the right LED lamps for your grow needs. Be forewarned the selection of LED grow lamps is extensive, so expect to spend some time sorting through the choices to find the best.

Best LED Grow Lights Reviews

Save some of your time researching and take a look at the lights that experts and others enjoy more than the others. The following LED grow lights are considered the best of the available products, although since each grower has his or her own specific needs during cultivation, it is not always easy to narrow down the selection.

1. Roleadro LED Grow Light, Galaxydro Series 300W

For many growers, the Roleadro LED Galaxydro Series Grow Light is a top-performer. It produces PPFD at 796 umol per second, ensuring the plant receives maximum heat absorption. Although the grow lamp produces professional results for the beginning or novice grower, the price would reflect otherwise. It is one of the more reasonably priced hydroponic lamps sold today.

Producing 300-watts of power, the Roleadro grow lamp is a full-spectrum, four-band light that increases the health of the plant for a more fruitful yield. For the serious cultivation artist, there is nothing that is more important. There is a reason that this grow lamp is one of the most popular on the market and you’ll quickly understand the benefits that it offers when used in your grow room.

Growers enjoy the lamp because it is easy-to-install and easy-to-use and of course, because it helps their plants in such incredible ways.  It provides sufficient light for any of the plant’s various growth stages and can be used in any environment, whether hot or cool temperatures. Unlike many other lights, this one uses more red and blue than white, which gives plants a healthier, more fruitful yield. The 7.6-lb.

Grow light is durably built for long-lasting use and includes a nice two-year warranty. Whether you are a newbie to the cannabis cultivation world or well-experienced, this is a grow light that ensures your plants always reach their fullest potential.


  • Energy-Efficient
  • Affordable
  • Works during any of the growth stages
  • Optimal full spectrum layout yields the highest growth possible
  • Customer-recommended


  • Tends to burnout easier than some of the other lights on the market

2. MarsHydro 300W LED Full-Spectrum Grow Lights

The entry-level MarsHydro 300 watt LED full-spectrum grow light is best for beginning stages of growth during hydroponic growth stages. The lamp has 60 bulbs inside, offering a balanced spectrum of wavelengths from 430 volts to 630 volts. It works wonderfully for seedlings and clones, but is probably not the best lamp when it is time for flowering and blooming.

The lamp just isn’t strong enough to produce the heat that is needed during these growth stages. The MarsHydro lamp is affordably priced at a cost less than $100 and while it does have a few quirks, it is an all-around great lamp that delivers awesome value to users.

This is a lamp that covers a space of about 2’ x 2’. The well-balanced spectrum of light that is emitted during usage of this lamp provides nourishment for plants at every stage of growth. This results in higher yields, as well as plants that can look the look and walk the walk. Delivering 300 watts of power, the grow light is best-suited for small plants, but can be used in any environment and in any type of grow area.

The lamp does have a cooling fan inside that prevents overheating, thus also preventing quick bulb burnout. The product is UL-safety tested and approved so users can place it inside their grow room without worries or wonder. The MarsHydro is a top-selling product offering users an average of 50,000 hours of usage.


  • Consumes only 140 watts power for energy-efficiency
  • Great price
  • Ample brightness for beginning growing stages
  • Customer-recommended
  • Great for small plants and smaller indoor grow operations


  • Isn’t suitable for flowering stage
  • Not as powerful as other lamps
  • Not as durable as other lamp

3. Dimgogo 1500W LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

Using about 182-watts of power, the Dimgogo 1550 watt full spectrum LED grow light is extremely energy-efficient. Considering that it has powerful watts streaming through, it is amazing that it uses such little power, but that is one of the main attractions to the light. Although not a well-known brand, this LED grow light is one that is worth considering for your purchase. It is new and improved for 2017, and now includes a state-of-the art triple-chip technology with a 10W chip for more intense brightness and color delivered to every leaf of your plant.

The bright red, blue, white, UV, and IR rays from this lamp mimics sunlight, giving your plants the best opportunity to grow to their fullest potential. Thanks to  its awesome wattage output, it is an ideal light for all growth stages that easily covers your entire grow operation. There is two cooling fans inside of the grow light that prevents overheating and bulb burnout. And, with solid housing, it is not a weak unit that will break down any time soon. Since the lamp comes with hangers, it is almost ready to go out of the box.  Burning only 268 watts of power per bulb, this lamp doesn’t add expense to the light bill. Not only does the lamp include a great three-year warranty, there is also a 30-day return policy!


  • Saves energy
  • Warranty
  • Covers entire plant
  • Better for larger grow operations


  • More expensive than other grow lights
  • Made in China

4. Marshydro Full Spectrum Reflector 480 watt Grow Lamp

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Marshydro is a reputable name in the grow lamp business. Perhaps that is why we recommend yet another grow light from this brand. Tens of thousands of growers across the world use their lamps and are proud to say they’re impressed with the results they offer. This 480-watt full spectrum reflector grow light doesn’t fail to meet every expectation the brand has set. It is a great lamp for small spaces, and with its reflector design has a unique style that adds appeal to any grow room.  

Most growers use this lamp when growing cannabis hydroponically, but it is suitable for soil-based grow operations nonetheless. It covers a 4x4’ grow area and has a power draw of 190W ±5% at 110v and 188W±5% at 220 volts of power. The grow lamp has a 5W grow chip and 680 umols of PAR at an 18” height. Many growers use this grow lamp to replace a 250 watt HID lamp to enjoy energy-efficiency and better grow yields.

Users can choose from vegetation or bloom mode to ensure proper lighting is emitted to the plant at the right time. The product is safe to use without any concern, since it has earned both UL-certification and VDE and ETL-certifications. The product includes a warranty, although it is good for only one-year.



  • Safety tested and approved
  • Bright lights for effective growth
  • Great for small grow areas
  • Can be used in a variety of grow room settings
  • Produces 60% less energy than HID bulbs
  • Energy-efficient



  • Costlier than other products

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5. Unifun 45W Grow Light

Don’t let the name fool you. Although you may have never heard of the Unifun brand before, trust this product proves they’ll soon be a leader in the grow lamp industry.  Their grow lights add the fun that every grower needs in their operation! All work and no play is no fun, after all. Besides, this is a product that is recommended by many growers who’ve experienced firsthand the magic that the lamp offers. It works as it promises and makes it easier to produce great cannabis buds at the end of the growth period.

The 45 watt indoor grow light is designed for hydroponic grow operations. Some people do use it for their oil grow operations, however. The grow lamp produces valuable heat that the plant needs during each growth stage, although it may not produce enough warmth during the winter. It is bright and suffixes for up to 10-hours of daily use without any trouble. Plus, it offers noise-free operation so you won’t need to worry about sounds causing you or other in the vicinity of the grow room any aggravation.  

It uses IR and UV lighting that mimics the sun and the photosynthesis process that plants need to grow. Inside the housing there are 60 blue lights, 165 red lights, and also has ultraviolet rays for best results. The grow light also has red and blue lights on four bands. It has a quite operation and with a cooling fan inside, overheating is likely not a problem you’ll worry about.

Like most of the quality grow lights out there, this one offers the amazing 50,000 hours of usage that LED lights are known for offering.


  • Includes 1-year warranty
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Suitable for small grow operations
  • Energy-efficient
  • Low price
  • 50,000 hour bulb lifespan


  • Not a well-known brand

6. Philzon Professional 600W LED Grow Lights

Philzon 600w grow light is quite impressive, thanks to its array of features and functions, as well as its ability to grow amazing plants in any indoor hydroponic grow setting. The grow light features 10W double chip leads with a variety of voltages from 85V to 265V for various stages of growth.

This state-of-the-art feature isn’t something that is found on every grow lamp out there, so when you find a product that brings it your way, you shouldn’t miss the chance to do just that. This is a full spectrum light that includes four bands with red, blue, UV, and IR lighting to mimic sunlight. Plants respond instantly to the light and you’ll quickly notice the leaves are greener, they are growing larger, and seem to be healthier than ever before. It is safe to use with a 50/60 HZ frequency and works to cover a 2’ x 2’ space with a maximum 3’ height.

When you buy the lights, you’ll get a hook kit that lets you easily install the lights in your grow room. Installation is simple and there is an adjustable rope that further aids in the ease of installing the lights. There is also a humidity monitor included so you are always growing your cannabis plants in zones that help them thrive. The lamp can be used up to 16-hours per day. It is not waterproof and is designed only for indoor use.


  • 2-year warranty
  • Includes Humidity monitor
  • Includes a rope and hook kit
  • No light reflector
  • Veg and Bloom buttons produce different functions


  • Uses more energy than other grow lamps

7. MarsHydro Eco 98 Full Spectrum Grow Light

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The bright purple tint of the 600-watt MarsHydro Eco 98 Full Spectrum Grow Light illuminates the grow room and enhances the beauty of your plants as they grow. You’ll Want to snag lots of awesome pictures during your cannabis growth! The plants love the bright light and attention and respond well as result.

The tint ensures full brightness on the plants, which is important for successful growth. The full 12-band full spectrum grow lamp that uses IR to ensure maximum benefit for the plant. It covers full PART of 400 – 730, allowing users to get the best results from their grow. The grow lamp features more red lights than blue or other colors, making way for larger plants that yield more desirable buds.

The grow light is lightweight and suitable for use in a variety of grow rooms, including grow tents. Reasonably priced, the product is a great buy for a small cost. The grow light is energy-efficient, consuming just 192 watts of power, resulting in a 70% energy-savings versus HID lighting.

If you want a successful larger grow operation that doesn’t cost you in energy usage, this is a product that helps keep your costs down. The grow lights work great for a 2’ x 4’ grow area of up to 18” in height. Most people use two of the grow lights for the average-size grow, though one should suffice for a small, personal grow operation.

It is backed by a 1-year warranty and 30-day return guarantee for your peace of mind and satisfaction. There is a hanging kit included with the grow light that eases the product installation.


  • Affordable
  • Solid casing for enhanced durability
  • Full spectrum band provides light/heat the plant needs
  • Easy-to-install


  • Warranty of only 1-year

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8. Roleadro LED Grow Light Bulb, 45w Plant Growing Lights Lamp Panel with Red&Blue Spectrum

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This hanging LED grow light measures in at just over 10 inches by 10 inches, for $26.89 per unit. With an excellent ratio of red to blue LEDs, this light provides your plants with the environment they need to grow healthily.



This 45 watt hanging LED grow light features 117 red LED lights and 52 blue LED lights, which gives it a red:blue ratio of 2.25:1. This ratio is considered to be within the ideal range for plant growth, particularly in regard to the speed of plant growth.


The grow light is a classic rectangular shape, with the red and blue LEDs distributed uniformly across the surface.


This light was designed to be highly efficient, with low levels of power consumption but high levels of light output. This also means that the lamp will last longer — for up to 50,000 hours of use.


To back up the claim of healthier, fuller plants, Roleadro offers a 30 day money-back guarantee on the LED grow light, as well as a 12 month warranty on the product. For best results, Roleadro suggests hanging the lamp at a height of 18 inches to 48 inches above the plants.


Other buyers recommended this lamp for small indoor gardens, from houseplants to vegetables. However, users also reported that the lamp can begin to get very hot with continuous use, which may be dangerous if you come in physical contact with the lamp while it is overheating.


In addition, other users found the included hooks to hang the lamp were too flimsy, which prompted some to buy separate mounting equipment. You may also need to do this, particularly if you’re worried about the mounting equipment breaking and causing the lamp to fall onto the plants themselves.



  • Inexpensive
  • Good ratio of red to blue light, for ideal growing conditions
  • Power efficient and long-lasting
  • Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12-month warranty


  • Power supply can overheat with continuous use
  • Included mounting equipment is relatively flimsy/unreliable

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This LED grow light is a great fit for small gardens, and especially for beginning gardeners who are looking for a light that will do its job without costing an arm and a leg. Roleandro’s lamp will help your plants grow faster and stronger, and the included warranty can help with your peace of mind.

However, the lamp may not be as well-made as it could be, as evidenced by the flimsy mounting equipment and the overheating power supply. If you’re willing to put up with or remedy these shortcomings, then Roleandro’s lamp can offer you excellent bang for your buck — and get your plants growing faster in no time.

9. 50W LED Plant Grow Lights , Shengsite UFO 250 LEDs Indoor Plants Growing Light Bulbs with Red Blue Spectrum

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Tying with Roleandro’s low-price product, Shengsite’s LED grow light also comes in at $26.89 per unit. However, Shengsite’s light is slightly larger, and therefore packs a bit more punch for the same price.



Unlike most LED grow lights, Shengsite’s light is designed as a circle instead of a rectangle. The light’s dimensions are 13.1 inches by 13.1 inches, with a 1.2 inch thickness. In that area, there are 186 red LED lights and 64 blue LED lights, for a total of 250 in each unit.


In this light, the blue LEDs are arranged in straight lines within the sea of red LEDs, which gives the lamp a more structured and geometric appearance.


The manufacturer suggests hanging the light — which is 50 watts — anywhere from 8 inches to 58 inches above the plants, although the exact height will depend on the specific plant type and stage in the life cycle.


Shengsite’s grow light is designed to be power efficient, with high light output and low energy usage. It also boasts a 50,000 hour lifespan.


Once again similarly to Roleandro’s product, this LED grow light comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 12-month warranty. Those factors can help give you peace of mind when you’re purchasing the lamp, as can reviews from other purchasers.


Other buyers reported the light was particularly good for beginner use, and most found it was brighter than they expected. Some, however, also reported design flaws that made the lamp difficult to hang evenly or difficult to plug into an outlet once it was already hanging.



  • Inexpensive
  • Highly efficient, with a long power life of 50,000 hours
  • 30-day money back guarantee and 12-month warranty
  • Trendy and less common circular shape
  • Very bright


  • Design flaws may indicate poor craftsmanship
  • Difficult to hang level
  • May be difficult to access the outlet while hanging



This LED grow light is a great option for budget or beginner gardeners. The lamp is large enough to provide light to a decently sized indoor garden, and bright enough to keep your plants happy.


The light boasts a 50,000 hour lifespan, as well as a 12-month warranty for your peace of mind. At under $27 per lamp, this budget grow light does come with a few less-than-ideal design choices: the lamp may be difficult to hang level, and the power socket may at times interfere with the hanging mechanism.


However, this grow lamp will get the job done and help your plants to grow faster. The funky, circular design is an added bonus to your garden’s aesthetic appeal.

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10. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum

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VIPARSPECTRA’s full spectrum LED grow light is significantly more expensive than the previous products discussed, but it also comes with added features that you wouldn’t be able to find at a lower price point.



VIPARSPECTRA’s V300 grow light boasts 300 watts and 12 different wavelengths of LED lights. With this light, your plants will be sure to have all of the light that they could possibly need. But, you’ll pay for this much light — $79 per grow light.


That extra investment also gets you a 3-year warranty, in addition to the typical 30-day money back guarantee. So, if anything goes wrong with your grow light, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to have the light repaired or replaced.


However, that extra money doesn’t buy extra surface area. The LED grow light clocks in at 12.6 inches long and 7.9 inches wide — a narrower rectangle than some of the other lights we’ve already looked at.


In addition to the light itself, the packaging includes the hanging kit to suspend the light above your plants, as well a user manual and a 6-foot power cord. Although the light is equipped with fans to help dissipate the heat, it is still approved for only 18 hours of use per day.


The light even features an on/off switch, so that you can give the light a break without entirely unplugging it from the wall.


Previous customers did note that the built-in fans are sometimes very noisy, and that they also may not be strong enough to dispel all of the heat that the light gives off. To combat this, you may need to purchase an external fan in order to keep the light running at a reasonable temperature.



  • Full spectrum LEDs, with 12 different wavelengths of light
  • Powerful, very bright light
  • 30-day money back guarantee and 3-year warranty
  • Sturdy and reliably built


  • More expensive than other options ($79 per light)
  • Built-in fans can be noisy
  • Built-in fans may need to be supplemented with external fans


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This LED grow light is certainly not within the typical beginner’s budget, but it does have some added features that may appeal to an avid grower. The grow light is full spectrum, featuring LEDs at 12 different wavelengths. The light also clocks in at 300 watts, and emits a powerful and bright light.

Although the light is sturdy, it also comes with a 3-year warranty in case of any problems with the light. The light also comes with built-in fans, although some users reported that the fans were a bit noisy and weren’t strong enough on their own to keep the light cool. Because of this, you may need to purchase an external fan to keep the light cool.

11. Phlizon Newest Winter 600W LED Plant Grow Light

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This LED grow light is the most expensive on our list, and it comes with some added features that you won’t find on any of the other products.



Phlizon’s 600 watt LED grow light costs a pretty penny — about $90 per light. It’s a full spectrum light, similarly to VIPARSPECTRA’s model. However, this model also has different light settings, so that you can turn off a set of the LEDs to optimize various stages of plant growth.


To keep the light functioning well while it’s on, the light comes with built-in cooling fans — although some customers reported that these fans were very loud. If these fans weren’t enough and you ever ran into problems with the light, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 2-year warranty. At the very least, this can help with your peace of mind.


This LED grow light also comes with a power cord, a kit to hang the light above the plants, an adjustable rope to hang the light from, and a thermometer and humidity monitor.


These included pieces ensure that you can easily setup your light, and the thermometer and humidity monitor give you one more tool to monitor your plants’ growth and health — although several customers listed difficulty figuring out how to use the monitors.



  • Full spectrum LED lights
  • Variable light settings for different growth stages
  • Comes with 2-year warranty
  • Comes with an adjustable rope and a temperature/humidity monitor
  • Built-in fans for temperature control


  • The most expensive of the lights on this list (about $80 per light)
  • Built-in fans may be noisy
  • Included temperature/humidity monitor may be difficult to use



The price of this LED grow light places it outside of a budgeter’s price range, but the extra money you invest will get you extra features on your grow light. This light is full spectrum, with various settings so that you can give your plant exactly what it needs in each stage of growth.

To keep the light running properly, it comes with built-in fans, although some users reported that the fans were quite loud. The light also comes with a temperature/humidity monitor, although some users reported that it was confusing or difficult to use.

With added features and higher-quality manufacturing, you get what you pay for with this more expensive LED grow light.

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Grow lights are an important part of any successful  indoor marijuana grow operation. We hope this guide has helped you better understand the importance of the lights and made it even easier to choose the best set of lights for your needs. Now it is time to put the information that you’ve learned to use to benefit your cannabis grow operation to the fullest.

Although growers can choose from several lighting  types and styles, most agree that LED grow lamps produce the best all-around results in both efficiency and production. Plants seem to thrive toward the LED lighting and considering that it produces the same effects as sunlight from the outdoors, it is little wonder why they prefer this lighting option when grown indoors.

Now that you understand the importance of having grow lights and the pros and cons of the LED lighting systems, it is time to read the reviews and determine which product is most-suited to your needs. Each of the recommended LED grow lamps listed here has proven itself a winner time and time again for many cannabis growers.

Although each growers needs is different from the next, it is safe to say that one of the LED lamp choices listed here will exceed your expectations and help you produce the high-quality, large marijuana yield that you’re hopeful for.

Not convinced by LED grow lights? You can always try high pressure (HPS) sodium grow lights.


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