Review – Hydrofarm Plasma Induction Light

Product Specs:

  • Long lumen maintenance – 90% output at 70,000 hours
  • Energy efficient – consumes 50% of conventional lighting systems
  • Lower heat output
  • Color temperature 5,500K – perfect for plant growth
  • Environmentally safe


Whether you’re a first-time grower or Cannabis Cup winner, you’ll definitely be looking for a light source that is suitable to your needs. You may opt for something more conventional, like LEP lighting (More at or a 1000 watt (click here for hps vs.led) HPS economy grow light system, but every grow light is meant for a specific use, and the Hydrofarm Plasma Light is no exception. Fortunately, we gave it a go, and we were a little surprised with the results.

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First Impressions

At first glance, the Hydrofarm Induction Light looks almost like a run-of-the-mill fluorescent fixture, and we were definitely not impressed considering its price tag compared to other plasma grow tent lighting. The housing is relatively light and the fixture itself is nearly silent during operation. It also doesn’t burn nearly as hot as other Hydrofarm lights, which was expected given that it utilizes plasma induction.


Understanding Vegetative Growth

Your plants will behave according to which stage of their development they’re in, and when you’re choosing a grow light system for vegetative growth, you’ll want to make sure it meets certain requirements. We tested the this plasma against what we usually look for in vegetative lighting, with decent results:


Ideal Vegetative Lighting

●     6500K Color Temperature

●     Long lifespan

●     Low operating temperatures

●     Wide coverage area

Hydrofarm Light

●     5,500K Color Temperature

●     100,000 Hour Lifespan

●     Low Heat

●     2’ x 5’ Coverage


Is It Enough?

Certainly, the Hydrofarm Plasma Induction Light is very appealing on paper, especially compared to other plasma lights, but its shortcomings become more apparent after a few weeks of use. We loved the way our young plants progressed, but as they got bigger, we noticed a slight stall in development. This was most likely due to the fact that our plants had simply outgrown the plasma induction light, and we were forced to switch back to a standard 1000 watt metal halide bulb. That isn’t to say that this plasma light is inefficient, but having to switch lights mid-grow can be a little inconvenient.


Bottom Line

Certainly recommend for any beginners

When it comes to small grow tents, the Hydrofarm certainly packs a punch. We were impressed by how efficient it performed in tight spaces with limited air flow, and we certainly recommend it for any beginners starting out their first grow. But its biggest shortfall is in its application to more developed plants. Considering its price tag, it’s definitely powerful as a jump start grow light system (recommended, but you’d better have something a little more intense once your plants come of age.


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