Review – Rocket Plasma Light

Main Features:

  • Rocket Plasma- The first and only red plasma grow light
  • Very low amperage draw-runs at 120V or 240V
  • Optimized for excellent coverage at 4’x4′
  • 3,000 K Lamp for entire growth cycle needs


Rocket Plasma Grow Light Review

This extremely innovative red plasma grow light system provides high-intensity light with low energy requirements. Offering growers a 230W and less than 2A at 120V or 1A at 240V making this plasma grow system amazing for energy saving capabilities. The Rocket Plasma Grow Light provides growers a specialized reflector to produce a 4’x4′ growth coverage. This red plasma grow light was developed with full-spectrum growth needs in minds. Rocket Plasma Light system takes on the entire growth cycle while emitting strong reds and blues for optimal growth and bloom.

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[alert-success]very little heat[/alert-success]

This Plasma red grow light is recommended for a 9 month growth cycle, and provides growers with a PAR optimized light with the added bonus of very little heat, allowing this particular fixture to be placed closer (the company states 8″) above the plant canopy without having to worry about air circulation. The system includes a 120V power cord, but the built-in Smart Driver allows growers to easily switch to the 240V. Unfortunately, the 240V cord is sold separately. Although it is made in the USA, the warranty comes with a 2 year on the fixture and 6 month warranty on the lamp. Overall, we would prefer to find something that offers a bit more to customers than a hassle of added parts and understated growth uses.

What’s PAR?

Our Initial Thoughts:

The Rocket Plasma Grow Light System seems like a dream come true for growers looking to use innovative grow light technology.  For cannabis growers seeking to improve their plant structure and strength, this grow light system can definitely produce high quality plants. The Rocket Plasma is all about providing growers full spectrum and low heat. The biggest difference this red plasma light offers is a better flowering potential but it comes with a cost: the bulb life doesn’t last as long as the company says it will. If you have a tight space and are looking for a small plasma grow light with a higher quality this one will do the trick.


The Need to Know Extras:

Price $1,000 (MSRP)
Wattage 230 watts
GLB Standalone Recommended Footprint 2.5’x2.5′
Warranty 2 Year
Veg and Bloom Needs Both
Spectrum PAR/UVA/UVB
Bulb Life 5,000 Hours



Final Review For the Grow Light System:

If you are looking to buy plasma grow lights (click here) the Rocket Plasma says it provides an industry standard 4’x4′ footprint, but really, this is not recommended. The output the is best suited for 2.5’x2.5′ which it does well with. After we read some tough customer reviews and experiences online, the warranty policy seems a little on the shady side. While Rocket Plasma boasts a 2 year warranty, customers stated they had a difficult time getting replacement parts and shipping was much longer than expected. Overall, if you are hoping to use this specific brand, purchase extra fixtures. For the cost, the Rocket has some work to do to make this technology worth the investment.