Apollo 4×4 (48″x48″x80″) Tent Review

Apollo 4×4 (48″x48″x80″) Tent Review

4×4 Apollo Grow Tent Setup

  • 1 – Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent

  • 1 – Removable Mylar Floor Tray; 2 Filter Straps Included​

  • Size – 48″x48″x80″/ 100% Reflective Tear Proof Mylar

  • Heavy Duty Zippers & Double Stitching for Light Protection

  • Package Includes: 1 – 48″x48″x80″ Grow Tent / 1 – Instructional Pamphlet

Apollo Horticulture


grow tent is a very convenient thing to own when you grow pot. It has multiple advantages over simply growing your plants in a room or a closet, and a great variety of features can be found in the many models available on the market, helping you maximize your future yield.

How Do Grow Tents Will Help You Achieve Successful Grow Sessions?

Any descent grow tent focuses on two aspects

  • Discretion and confinement: looking like a plain fabric wardrobe, it ensures some privacy in case unwanted guests show up at your location. It is usually completely light-proof and offers a confined space in which it is easy to control climatic conditions.

  • Optimal design: covered on the inside with a highly reflective material (https://plantsily.com/grow-tent/most-reflective-material-mylar/) and equipped with vents and openings for ducting and cables, it allows you to plug, install and hang all the gear you may need to provide the best possible conditions for your plants.

It’s a specially designed item which will spare you a lot of time and effort, but has one major problem: its cost.

Today we’re going to review the Apollo 48’’x 48’’, which is the optimum space for a 600W HID light.

How Do Grow Tents Will Help You Achieve Successful Grow Sessions?

This apollo tent is an example of what you can find for a relatively moderate price.

For such an entry level product we can say the overall design seems quite appealing, if not for the flashy pink endings which catch the eye and are definitely not what you would expect on an item that is supposed to be discreet.

…giving you a great access to all the area..

  • It opens on three sides, giving you a great access to all the area, even when it’s filled with plants, and features multiple access for ducting, ventilation and cables.

  • It has two perfectly fitted 8’’ holes on top and two others on the upper part of both left and right sides, allowing you to choose any position for your exhaustion ducting, and two more intake holes on the lower parts of each side.

  • Three openings for passive ventilation are located on both sides and on the back, where two cable inlets can also be found, on the upper and lower part.

The material is thick and feel durable…

giving a general sturdy impression. However, things go a bit differently when it comes to setting it up !

metal rods are not always perfectly cut

  • The metal rods are not always perfectly cut and sometimes need a bit adjusting before they fit nicely. Although the effort have been made to include metallic corners, they seem of low quality and users report breaking them after reassembling the tent a few times, so be cautious.

  • One of the main disappointments is about the light leaks, users report them to leak from the zippers, the stitching, or the vents, and thus to compromise seriously the grower’s safety! The zippers can also be an issue as they seem to block on some occasions, and be hard to move up and down, adding further light-leaking after some time.

Should I Buy this Tent?

…you can’t beat the price!

One thing is for sure: you can’t beat the price! So you might consider it if you are a new grower who doesn’t want to spend too much in equipment in the beginning, or if you need a new one but the budget is really an issue. In both cases make sure you are not concerned with light leaks related problems such as privacy matters or too much light coming in during your plant’s night time.

For more reviews keep visiting our page regularly, as we constantly provide new reviews about the latest growing equipment.


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