Grow Tent Heaters Review

grow box heaters introduction

Introduction to grow room heater systems


I always enjoy when winter shows up. Cold weather, ice and snow always bring happy childhood memories back to life. Unfortunately, my plants don’t feel the same way at all!

In fact, if you want the best growth and flowering conditions, temperature inside the box (more about the tents should always be as follows:

  • lights-on cycle, between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit
  • lights-off cycle, between 64 and 71 degrees Fahrenheit

So you better be ready for those heavy temperature drops!


Best heater for grow tent

There are various types of heaters you may use, but be advised using ceramic heaters may be harmful to your plants. The hot ventilated air they blow dries up the atmosphere resulting in a low humidity level, which can be unadapted during vegetative period especially for clones and seedlings. Moreover, they can cause damages and even burn whatever is placed directly next to the heating unit itself, or too close to it.

Most growers on a budget usually use oil filled heaters while professionals go for heaters fitted directly in the inlet ducting.


DeLonghi TRN0812T Portable Oil-Filled Radiator with Programmable Timer

price $$

rating 4 stars

  • Compact size fits everywhere.
  • Safe-to-use in the bathroom with the GFI plug.
  • Energy-saving timer with 96 settings allows you to heat rooms for any desired amount of time, and lets you select different time periods throughout the day and night.
  • Maximizes radiant heat flow while maintaining a low surface temperature with vertical thermal chimneys.
  • Customize your heating needs with the adjustable thermostat and three heat settings.


This a simple indoor heater, cheap and long-lasting. It’s small and will fit in your tent no matter the size. It will provide a smooth and even heat production. It features a thermostat, and even an energy saving timer, making it easy to program according to your night and day cycles.

It’s a sufficient heating for grow room, and your plants will thank you in due time!



Sentinel GPS BTC-1a PB Basic Plug Box Temperature Controller

price $$

rating 5 stars

  • It is designed to control fans, heaters, air conditioners and other equipment in gardens
  • It features a readily visible switch to alternate between cooling and heating
  • Easy-to-read dials make programming daytime and nighttime settings uncomplicated

This is a temperature controller and programmer, allowing you to plug various devices and set up precise preferences for the night and day cycles. What is great with it, is you can reverse it and use it during summer to get rid of all the extra heat!



Easy Heat EH-38 Freeze Thermostatically Controlled Valve and Pipe Heating System

price $

rating 4 stars

  • Thermostatically controlled pipe heating system
  • For use with Easy Heat Freeze Free cable
  • For dry locations only
  • Power indicator light that lights up when the thermostat is energized
  •   Shuts off power when the temperature rises to 50-degree F/10-degree C

This is a basic thermostat outlet, it will let electricity through every time the temperature drops under 50 degrees, which is a bare minimum, and the device plugged-in will then be powered. It can be a good way to avoid real freezing if you want to control your energy bills.



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