Choosing the Best Reflective Material for Grow Rooms

mylar reflective material

Mylar: One of The Most Reflective Grow Tent Wall Cover

There is nothing I like more than sitting on the lawn near the pool, my feet in the water while taking a long sunbath. Plants usually feel the same way and will thrive if provided with enough water and light, as you can see it happening in the nature surrounding you.

Indoors (choosing the right growing tent , things happen a bit differently.

Your lamp produces a light good enough for the plants to grow but it must be reflected to pass through the bushy canopy, reach lower branches and improve the overall amount of light received by each plant.

It’s a very cheap and efficient way to maximize your crop’s potential while stabilizing your power bills, proved over the years and used by any decent grower.

When looking for the best reflective material for grow tent, various option can be considered:

  • – flat white paint is inexpensive and easy to clean, light reflectivity around 80%
  • – styrofoam very cheap and durable, 60-70% light reflectivity
  • – aluminium foil bad idea, creases easily, around 50 % light reflectivity
  • – but one word really comes to mind: Mylar.

What is Mylar?

Polyethylene terephthalate, commonly abbreviated as PET and also known as Mylar or sometimes Lumirror, is a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family.

Mylar for sale is cheap and has a 90-95% reflectivity, making it the perfect grow room reflective material.

It usually comes in three different ways, plain sheets, metalized mylar sheets and emergency blankets, which are a bit less efficient.

To help you have a better global insight on what you can find on the market, let’s take a closer look at what’s available.


  • – 4 Pack. Individually Folded and Sealed
  • – Provides compact emergency protection in all weather conditions
  • – Retains/reflects back 90% of body heat
  • – Made of durable insulating mylar material designed by NASA for space exploration
  • – Reusable, waterproof and windproof

Those blankets provide good reflection but are not very sturdy and tend to have folding marks and creases easily, which has a terrible effect on light reflection.


  • – Sale Unit: ROLL
  • – Brand: 3M
  • – 3M Number: 3381
  • – Application: Duct Work
  • – Foil Thickness: 1.4 mil

This silver mylar tape is the type you need to assemble your sheets and attach them to your room’s walls. They are heat and moisture resistant, making it the right choice for indoors setups.

Where Can I Buy Mylar?

Mylar is a cheap reflective material ideal to ensure light will travel throughout your home made grow tent and will reach even the lower branches.

Mylar sheet rolls along with mylar tape make it possible to cover all kinds of spaces, no matter the size or shape and you can find at various places:

  • – On-line shops will provide a great choice and sometimes cheaper prices
  • – Local grow shops will accommodate you instantly but can have less different models
  • – Some hardware stores provide it too, but it’s not always engineered for maximum reflection

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