Smart Pots for Cannabis

Smart Pots for Cannabis

Using Smart Pots for Cannabis Grow Sessions

Smart Pots

Choosing the right medium

Some like to say a plant is just the tip of the iceberg because for every stem and every leaf you can see there is a massive and hidden counterpart evolving and growing out of our sight.

Determining what medium will accommodate your plant’s fast growing roots is often a very personal choice and although hydroponics is tempting an everyday increasing part of the market, some growers swear only by natural potting soil.

Because it seems simple and we’re naturally surrounded by it, it’s often the beginner’s first choice and many experienced gardeners still consider it offers great yields and enhances the taste and smell of your buds.

However, growing in potting soil may be tricky. Excessive watering or water shortage is often an issue and the roots as they grow reach the plastic surface inside the pot and start to turn along it, restricting their full growth abilities.

What is a Smart Pot?

The Smart Pot is basically a patented soft-sided container either of round or square shape, made of heavy-duty fabric providing the roots with improved aeration and drainage. As they reach the edge of the pot the roots are air-pruned, which prevents circling and results in more new active roots starting to grow, increasing the plant’s overall growth rate and well being bringing in a bigger yield.

Smart pots sizes range from 3 to 20 gallons, fitting every project no matter the size and come with or without handles which I personally recommend as they make the lifting and transporting way easier.

If you don’t know where to buy smart pots you can choose from various online stores or go straight to your local grow shop!

Product Features

Smart Pot Soft-Sided Container, Black with Cut handles

Smart Pot Soft Sided Container


  • Soft-sided fabric aeration container that has the rigidity to hold its shape

  • Provides aeration, enhancing root structure, resulting in a vigorous plant with more flowers and fruits and increased insect and disease resistance

  • Allows excess heat to escape

  • Developed for, and used by commercial tree growers

Available Capacities and Sizes

  • 7 Gallon smart pots capacity; 14 inch diameter x 9.5 inch height

  • 5 Gallon smart pots capacity; 12 inch diameter x 9.5 inch height

  • 3 Gallon smart pots capacity; 10 inch diameter x 7.5 inch height

  • 15 Gallon smart pots capacity; 18 inch diameter x 13.5 inch height

  • 20 Gallon smart pots capacity; 20 inch diameter x 15.5 inch height

  • + many bigger once.

User Feedback

However, some precautions may be taken. Many growers are surprised by how messy things can get in their nice and clean growing space!​

  • By providing improved drainage properties, the pots may allow a large amount of water carrying all kinds of potting soil debris out in the saucer and you might need a bigger one until you learn how to adapt watering. Dirty water flowing on the surface of your container also leaves muddy stains and gives an overall scruffy aspect.

  • Be advised that as the roots are tangled up in the pot’s fabric it’s nearly impossible to take a plant out (to transplant it for example) without causing it severe damages, so you should use them only as final pots.


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