How to Maximize Your Yield – Infographic


How to increase yield - infographic

Getting the biggest yields (with the highest potency) is the goal of every cannabis grower, and every step you take as a grower will be towards achieving that goal. Here are some things you should focus on to get the most out of your plants.



Genetics play a vital role in determining yield and potency. Cannabis plants will exhibit the same qualities across multiple generations, and you’ll want to make sure those qualities are favorable to your needs. You’ll want clones of only the strongest, healthiest, and most potent strains if you want higher yields. You’ll also want to choose strains that are most resistant to pests and diseases, and you’ll maybe want to consider designating your absolute strongest as mother plants for future grows.


Veg Period

It’s well known in the growing community that plants with longer vegetative periods will grow bigger and stronger in bloom. You’ll want to maximize the amount of time your plants spend in vegetative growth so that they grow to their full potential.



Plant growth is limited to the amount of roots they have, and you’ll want to make sure that you use containers that can accommodate for the amount of roots you’re expecting. You should transplant your plants to bigger containers if necessary so your roots have plenty of space to grow. Try to imagine your roots as a mirror image of your plants. Without enough space, your roots will simply stop growing, and your plants along with them.


Light Intensity

During vegetative growth, cannabis plants that don’t receive adequate light ( will tend to stretch. This is problematic because large spaces between nodes generally means that the plant will require more energy for its metabolic functions, not to mention you’ll have a lot of wasted space between your colas. Making sure that your plants get plenty of light during vegetative growth will make huge differences in your yields and quality.



Your plants breathe carbon dioxide, and you’ll need to provide plenty of it for your plants to grow healthy and strong. Adding CO2 to your grow space (4’x4′ tent setup guide×4-setup-guide) will allow you to maximize your yields and quality, and is relatively inexpensive.



Defoliation is the process of removing excess foliage. By removing leaves mid-grow, you’ll allow your plants to receive more light towards the bottom of your plants, and you’ll allow trapped humidity to escape the bottom portions of your canopy.




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