Marijuana is a huge part of today’s society. The marijuana industry is fast developing and by the end of 2022, this business industry is expected to grow by 70%. This plant is used for its recreation and medical aspect. Users use it to uplift their mood, increase energy level, improve mental sharpness, or relax and soothe their body and mind. It also comes with tons of health benefits that are advantageous among medical patients. It can alleviate symptoms of depression, chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, and other medical ailments.

As of today, you can buy a broad spectrum of marijuana-enriched products such as supplements, balms, CBD oils, beauty products, and LED grow lights. All of these marijuana products come from the marijuana plant, which is cultivated from marijuana seeds online.

Each state has different laws regarding the legalization of marijuana. Some allow possession, use, and cultivation of marijuana for recreational and medical purposes, while others ban any of it. Some states allow possession and use of marijuana yet restrict cultivation. With regard to this, consumers and growers are confused about whether marijuana seeds are legal or illegal to purchase. Generally, marijuana seeds are legal to buy, possess, sell, and grow as long as your appropriate licensing regulations and national laws are obeyed.

Furthermore, as of December 20, 2018, importation of hemp seeds in the United States became legal. Hemp is a variety of marijuana plant that contains delta-9 THC concentrations that are less than 0.3%. The rest of the variety of marijuana that is not considered hemp is illegal to import inside the US. The only exception to this law is when the seed has been considered as non-feasible during shipping.

Marijuana Seeds Online

If you are looking for sativa, indica, or auto-flowering seeds, the best place to purchase them is through online dispensaries. They have a comprehensive list of marijuana strains and most of them are feminized. Feminized seeds eliminate the hassle of distinguishing and eliminating male plants, so you can focus on taking care of your female plants. Online dispensaries also offer a broad spectrum of auto-flowering seeds. These are the type of strains that only take 8-10 weeks to grow and harvest. This is one of the easiest variety of marijuana seeds to grow. With this, even beginners can secure high yields and produce high-quality buds.

All of the varieties of seeds that you can find in online dispensaries are grown organically, carefully selected by hand, and regularly tested to determine the germinate rate and quality. They also store the seeds in secured packets to protect them from the harsh environment. This guarantees that when the seeds are delivered into your home, they are in perfect condition.

How to Grow Marijuana Indoors

When growing marijuana in an indoor setting, the first step that you should consider is to find an ideal space to do it. It could be a cabinet, closet, vacant room, tent, or basement. Just make sure that it could fit your plants and equipment.

Next, you need to clean the space since sanitation is a vital element if you will plant marijuana seeds. Remove raw wood, drapes, and carpeting from your grow space since they are hard to clean.

Once you are done cleaning your grow space, inspect every corner and make sure it is light-tight. There should be no light leakage since this can disrupt the plants during stages where they should be kept in the dark. It can also trigger them to create more male flowers.

Aside from this, you also need to consider the following principles if you want to know how to grow marijuana indoors:

  • Temperature and Humidity – if your grow space is already very humid or warm, you will have a hard time manipulating the living environment of your plants. Choose a space with a cool and dry area, this will make it easy for you to control the temperature and humidity.  
  • Convenience – when cultivating marijuana, you need to monitor them from time to time to make sure that everything in its perfect condition. With regards to this, you want to have a grow space that is easy to access, to make monitoring hassle-free.
  • Discrete – as much as possible, you want to keep your growing private. This will save you from potential thieves and nosy neighbors. You need to have a grow space that will conceal any noise from your fans.

The Best Grow Light for Beginners

Once you find the right growing area for your marijuana plants, you need to think about the lighting fixtures next. Grow lights are the most popular option when cultivating marijuana. It comes in different variations including LED, Fluorescent, MH and HPS, or CMH and LEC.

When choosing the best grow light, you need to consider several factors including the size of your grow space, the number of plants you will cultivate, and the budget that you are willing to spend. These factors will slim down your choices and help you pick the perfect grow light to purchase.

Grow lights increase the growth of your plants and help you achieve a higher yield. This is why it is one of the most vital element when putting up an indoor living environment for marijuana plants. Here’s the best grow light:

Alphalite Nite Grower Plasma Light (NIT400)

  • Solid State Design
  • 235 Watt Power Output
  • Aluminum Housing/Reflector
  • Operating Temp: 45 C/113 F
  • 3000K Color Temperature

The Alphalite Nite Grower is lighter compared to other plasma lamps available out there. This is because it only weighs 10 lbs. It is extremely compact, which makes it perfect for growing space with low ceilings such as a small grow tent or small grow boxes. Nite Grower utilizes the same emitters that you can find in famous and more expensive brands.


Growing marijuana is an enjoyable hobby that could also be a potential living. Once you have sufficient knowledge in the marijuana industry, you can do anything, including growing your marijuana garden. It is the easiest way to access your supply of weed.

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