Choosing to Grow the Best Cannabis Strains

Before you get all wrapped in the process of selecting your cannabis strains, you should first determine what type of output you want to achieve. Strains greatly differ in effects, scent, and looks. So think about the result that you want since it will mostly determine the type of plants you want to plant.

Growers who are new in the field of cannabis growing should do a little digging on the types of strain that they wanted to use. Though the final output is solely dependent on the process, that process starts with selection. You should begin with the end in mind. This is a cliché but it is a perfect reminder for novice growers out there.

At first, choosing strains can be a complex task. You will come across numerous breeds of strains with different variations to choose from. If you are just starting, the wide selection will overwhelm you. So, if you want to pick the best strain that will match the final result that you want to achieve, here are several tips for you.

Things to consider when looking for the best cannabis strains:

  • Google the name of the strain that you want to cultivate and the words “grow cycle” or “grow”. Examine the pictures of every strain that you find and tap the pages to access grow journals. You can also search for video journals on YouTube.
  • Make sure that you enquire about the levels of cannabinoid of your selected strain since not all of them offer the same level of cannabinoid that you are eyeing.
  • Quality overlooks. Some strains look so perfect and beautiful but will not offer the effects that you want. This being said, you should still prioritize effects over physical appearance.

Best fluorescent grow lights for Your Grow Tent

When talking about light fixtures for indoor cannabis growing, fluorescent lights are the best options. They are affordable, energy-efficient, and compact. They also offer less heat output. Over the past years, fluorescent lights have evolved. Manufacturers now advertise upgraded models that provide a much greater output that is somehow as powerful and efficient as an HPS/MH lamp. This is the primary reason why fluorescent lights never lose their place even in contemporary marijuana grow kits. Here is the best fluorescent grow lights for indoor growing.

  • Standard fluorescent tubes
    They are the usual tubes that are widely utilized for industrial and domestic purposes. But, you can also utilize them to cultivate cannabis. Just don’t expect life-changing results when using these standard tubes.
  • T5 tubes
    T5 is the size of the bulb. They are an upgraded model of the standard fluorescent tubes. They provide a greater light spectrum and maximum efficiency.
  • CFL bulbs (Compact Fluorescent Light):
    CFL bulbs were developed to take the place of standard incandescent bulbs that are used in most households. They emit the same amount of light for less power output. Larger CFL grow lights were introduced later on. They are specifically created for indoor gardening and can support a successful yield.

The Durability of power inline fan

Investing in a top-notch inline fan is vital if you are growing your cannabis in an indoor set-up. This equipment provides sufficient carbon dioxide to your plants and ensures that the air circulation around them remains fresh every day. One of the best to consider is ipower inline fan. Depending on the size of the grow tent, you can choose a 6” or a 4” inline duct fan.

Advantages of the 4 inline fan

Good ventilation in your growing area is vital for the health of your plants and it is highly recommended for indoor gardens of all sizes and when utilizing a 4 inline fan. Without proper ventilation, your cannabis plants will have difficulty reaching their full potential. You might also face an overabundance of humidity and heat that could lead to a fungal invasion, abnormal growth, and many other risk factors. This is why you might want to invest in a high-quality 4-inch inline extractor that comes with complete accessories and proper ducting. Here are the advantages of 4” inline fan:

  • Normalize climatic conditions such as heat and humidity
  • Offers fresh air and provides an adequate amount of C02
  • Eliminates odor
  • Keeps mold and dust at bay

Cleaning the Air with the best carbon filter for grow room

Growing cannabis indoors using proper equipment lets you achieve numerous growing seasons in one year. This is why the best carbon filters for grow room is a vital equipment. Their activated carbon absorbs everything that comes from the exhausted air, allowing you to control odor and maintain the privacy of your growing operations from curious neighbors and law enforcement agents. Besides this, carbon filter also removes any signs of airborne pathogens that could potentially damage your crops. Never underestimate the ability of carbon filter to keep you and your plants safe.

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