Best Weed Seed Banks

Purchasing marijuana seeds online can be stressful. There are missing packages, bad quality seeds, and unaccommodating customer service. If you visit a cannabis growers forum you will see endless complaints and bad reviews about these unreliable pot stores. This is because the vendors just don’t care about their customers. So, if you are looking to buy marijuana seeds for sale online, do thorough research. We can’t stress this enough. Inspecting the performance and reputation of a seed bank is crucial to access high-quality seeds. Doing business with a legitimate source will protect you from unreliable vendors that lurk online.

An ideal seed bank sells feminized seeds. It is a sought-after seed among novice and expert growers. Though feminized seeds are usually more expensive than regular seeds, they are worth your money since they have an extremely low chance of developing into duds. They also have a shorter germinating period, which is a big advantage for your harvest.

Furthermore, a legitimate seed bank also delivers on time. Their shipping period is guaranteed and their packaging is stealthy. The speed of the delivery time is important because no one wants to wait for a long period. Lastly, a reliable seed bank has an accommodating customer service. Seed banks sometimes make the mistake of sending dead or stale seeds or delayed shipment. When these unfortunate events happen, having someone to talk to and take care of your concern is comforting.

No matter what seed bank you choose, make sure they possess these qualities so you can get good service. Aside from this, you should also test out the germination rate and shipping performance of their store. You can do this by ordering a small number of seeds on your first order. If you find them satisfactory, then you can proceed to place bulk orders.

Beside the seeds, there are other equipment that are needed to grow marijuana. These include tents, lights and smart pot. You are going to develop an ecosystem.


For most cannabis users and growers, it is not necessary to drive for three hours to get to a dispensary if you don’t have to. This isn’t even an option for those who utilize it for pain relief and other medical problems since it would be difficult to travel – given their condition. If you don’t want to travel for long hours, there’s one scheme that you can use to locate dispensaries near you: Google maps.

You might be surprised at the number of shops located in your hometown. However, always remember that a closer location does not guarantee high-quality products. The best thing to do is to visit each dispensary and look around their shop. Test out their strains and determine its quality. If it doesn’t pass your criteria, then maybe you can try other dispensaries in your neighboring place. Note that sometimes, a short drive will give a better product and experience. Apart from this, some dispensaries deliver cannabis within a short distance. Cannabis delivery is unmatched. This is the best service for those who are dealing with certain medical conditions or disorders and couldn’t leave their house.

To ensure that you are working with the best budtender, here are a few tips you should consider:

Research about your budtender

Budtender is a unique job but it isn’t easy. Many people visit a dispensary with a lot of questions in mind and usually, they wanted answers. Being a budtender requires knowledge about the vast world of cannabis including the various types of high offered by different strains and the distinction between flowers, edibles, oils, and other kinds of cannabis products.

Make sure the budtender in the dispensary of your choice knows the ins and outs of the cannabis industry. They should be accommodating to all your questions and you should be comfortable doing business with them. Budtender with limited knowledge will sell you strains they have no idea about. With this, it is vital to research your budtender and ensure that they have something to say about cannabis.

High-quality seeds with reasonable prices

If you are new in the cannabis industry, you probably have no idea that weeds cost a fortune. But for enthusiasts, the price doesn’t matter as long as the product is of premium quality. When buying from dispensaries, you want to make sure that you are getting the product that’s worth your money.

When you visit dispensaries, online or offline, compare their prices and shop wisely. There’s nothing wrong with comparison shopping, it’s the smart way of spending your money and examining the quality of the product.

Laidback and comfortable environment

Upon entering a dispensary, it should feel welcoming and comfortable. Many dispensaries are specifically designed to look like a coffee shop. In there, you can enjoy your fresh cup of coffee while you lounge around waiting for the budtender. There are also spa-like dispensaries that offer optimum relaxation while you wait for your product to be ready for check out.

Online Stores

Since online cannabis stores are now booming, given that they are convenient and easily accessible, here are some factors you need to consider before you do business with them:

Here are the best seed banks you will find online:






Buying cannabis seeds online and growing weed indoors can be scary, especially with all the scamming incidents happening on the internet. But buying from a reputable and legitimate seed bank will save you from distress and worries. The seed banks we suggested above are highly-reliable and their cannabis strains are top-notch.

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