How to Grow Marijuana Indoors

Regardless of what we call it, marijuana, cannabis, pot, weed or Mary Jane, it is a plant just like any other. If you want to become a professional cannabis farmer, having the right growing list and equipment will remove so much of the stress and help you achieve better production. The following are the growing room equipment checklist that covers everything you need.

Cannabis Growing Supplies

There are some equipment and supplies required to plant cannabis indoors. These will ensure that the plant will have enough light, water and nutrients. It will also make sure that the optimal growing conditions are followed.

Seed Starter Plugs

This is by far the most effective way to grow marijuana seeds. You just need to pop your seed in the precut hole, then pinch it shut, add water and leave it by a window to keep it warm or under a standard lamp. After a few days later, it will cultivate and you must put it to a big 5-gallon growing container, where it will stay until it has flowers.

Grow Tent

This growing equipment offers an efficient environment for your weed. An example is the Apollo grow tent which protects from  pests, decreases light loss, controls the odor and makes it easier to check the grow.

Fabric Containers

If you are using soil as a breed medium, you must use this container. Fabric pots provide great results as their spongy walls permit the soil to inhale and avoid drowning. In addition, you need a large tray to catch water overflow.

LED Grow Light

Light is the main source of food and thus, selecting the best lights for growing weed is essential. Efficient LED grow light will encourage higher productivity and increase growth. You weed need at least 32w of real power per square meter.

Carbon Filter Fan

The carbon filter fan provides constant air ventilation inside your tent to avoid mold growth and helping strengthen your pot’s stems and twigs. The carbon filter cleans the air, and removes the odor or scent of marijuana plants. With more than a few plants, the smell can be strong and escape out of the basement or the growing room. Additionally, an inline fan can also be used for ventilation nd lower the temperature as the lights can generate heat


Timers are essential for growing weed as they control the day/night period for your plants.

Parallel Fans & Ducting

These fans supply ventilation for your weeds. You need at least two ventilation holes in your grow tent.  One hole for an aligned fan to push fresh air in and the other is to discharge stale air out.

Ducting is integrated into the parallel fan for the air to go through into a screen.


This tool measures the temperature and moisture inside the tent.

Carbon Filter/Scrubber

Scrubbers or carbon filters keep your weed hidden simply by purifying the odor inside the tent. To create a carbon filter, you need an inline fan, ducting and good grow tent with drying ports.

PH Meter

PH meter assesses the PH levels of your soil and water. This is very important when growing your cannabis. The ideal hydroponics PH level is between 5.5 and 6.5 and ideal soil pH is between 6.0 and 7.0. This is simple to use as all you do is stick it to the soil or water you’re about to sprinkle and it will give you a reading.

Watering Can

To keep your plants hydrated, you need a standard portable watering can.


Trimming and harvesting your weed is easier and quicker with the use of sharp pruners.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is also an important tool for any grow room as it can seal grow tents, fix injured stems, label plants and make the ventilation sealed.


Probably one of the most important items in the cannabis growing list. It will protect your hands from the residue when picking and protect your plants from pollution as well. Be sure you use a food safe, latex free and powder-less glove to avoid infecting your freshly grown pots.

Airtight Jars

When it comes to storing and curing your weed, the best choice is mason jars. They are efficient in extending and protecting the shelf life of your dried weed and help preserve their effectiveness. Choose jars that are large, with thick glass and have an airtight seal.

Power Strip

You may have run out of sockets after buying some of the growing checklists. A reliable power strip will come in very handy, making sure you can connect and run everything simultaneously.

Final Thoughts

We hope you find this cannabis growing list useful and informative. How many of these equipment do you have and you are using? You might be complaining or wondering how you can afford all this stuff. Keep in mind, you don’t need to use all the  equipment on this growing list.

If you are on a small budget, the best recommendation we can give you is to grow one weed plant. Growing one pot plant means that you will need a less pricey grow light, smaller grow tent and use less power.

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