Cheap Grow Lights for Weed

This 2019, growers are looking for the best low-cost LED grow lights for indoor cannabis growing. When talking about cheap grow lights, your first option would be the grow lights from Roleadro, Meizhi, King Plus, GalaxyHydro, Mars Hydro and Phlizon Newest. Good thing cannabis growing doesn’t have to be expensive. These cost-efficient LED grow lights can be purchased for less than $200. What you need to understand is “cheap” grow lights don’t mean low-quality. For cannabis enthusiasts, it means getting the best of both worlds: premium quality and budget-friendly.

In this article, we will tackle all the inexpensive light fixtures you can install in your grow space.

Grow Tent

Grow tents are fabric-lined boxes that are furnished with heat and light reflective material. It also includes ventilation and light fixtures. This innovative equipment allows growers to cultivate various types of plants inside the house, apartment, flat, studio, basement and other indoor spaces all year round.

The reason why people find indoor growing effective is that it offers total control to every essential element inside the growing area. Compared to outdoor garden – wherein plants are exposed to inconsistent heat, temperature, and light, the indoor garden offers a personalized growing environment.

Are Grow Tents Worth Investing For?

Grow tents need a reasonable amount of investment, which will eventually pay off in the future. This is because you don’t need much light, water, and nutrients when using a grow tent. Thanks to the reflective Mylar coating in its interior, your return investment in lighting will multiply. There are several models of iPower grow tent which fit most grower’s needs. This is because every corner of the grow tent will provide your plants the sufficient light it needs to grow into healthy and strong cannabis.

Benefits of Grow Tent

A grow tent allows you to control the environment in your growing space including the use of:

Aside from this, here are the top benefits of using a grow tent when cultivating cannabis:

1. Overall control in the growing set-up — When utilizing a grow tent, the grower has control of the levels of humidity and temperature.

2. Increase the process of photosynthesis — Grow tent comes with reflective Mylar walls in its interior which guarantee that plants get an adequate amount of light from all the angles. This prevents growth problems such as yellowish leaves and weak branches or stems that are caused by insufficient light. Every plant cultivated in the grow tent will receive enough light from each surface. The tent is also light-proof that allows the grower to manipulate the lighting exposure inside.

3. Controls smell — Marijuana plants start to release a distinctive smell while it grows. When you use a grow tent, you don’t have to worry about the odor coming out to other rooms in your house or to your neighborhood, thanks to its sealed environment and exhausts fans.

4. Save a lot of money — It cost less money to manipulate ventilation and climate in a small grow tent compared to a whole room.

5. Neutralize noise — According to a study, noise affects the growth of your plants. So, when you are in a noisy household, the living environment of your plants will be disturbed. Using a high-quality grow tent will help you prevent unnecessary noises from entering the grow space and disrupting the growth of your cannabis.

With this complete system, the success of your crop depends on your growing capabilities and practices. But, you have endless opportunities to cultivate any type of plant for the whole year.

1000 watt grow light

So, what are the best low-cost LED grow lights in the market? When it comes to grow light, you get what you pay for. However, there are a lot of grow lights that are high-quality yet offered at competitive rates. We highly suggest Bestva 1200w Reflector, Viparspectra V600, Parfactworks 1000w COB, and Phlizon 1000 watt COB. In terms of the cost of operation, you can check out the grow light cost calculator to determine the exact expenses.

In term of coverage, inexpensive 1000w LED grow lights are just entry-level and they don’t have a lot of coverage due to its price. However, the best ones can cover at least 2 square feet and 3 square feet.

Cheap Grow Lights You Need to Avoid

While there are several outstanding cheap grow lights in the market, we also can’t avoid finding low-quality versions. To avoid the latter, here’s how you can identify them:

Once you come across cheap grow lights that embody the aforementioned characteristics above, avoid them to save money.

Cheap LED Grow Lights: Should You Invest in Them?

Generally, you won’t find the high-quality LED grow lights in a price range that’s less than $100. But the suggestions we have mentioned in this article are carefully researched in terms of their capacity, coverage, and power. We’ve also compared them to countless varieties of grow lights in the market and they stood out as the best. On top of that, we have looked into forums and read reviews about these cheap LED grow lights. They are limited only for 3 x 3 grow tents. However, if you want to have a bigger version, you can look for other alternatives or choose one with much larger space.


For beginners, cheap LED grow lights are the best investment because these are less expensive but their performance offers a maximum yield. It also makes indoor growing easier since it requires less effort and it comes with fewer problems. Once you get the hang of using grow tent kits and cheap LED grow lights, you can upgrade your growing environment.

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