Grow Tent Kits for Beginners

If you are searching for the best way to start your first-ever marijuana production, then expect that it would be fun and rewarding at the same time. You get to pick up a new hobby and supply yourself weed. What’s better than that?

The best thing about our recommended kits is that you can easily buy them online. Given that our list is made for novices, we also included the price because it would be a huge help for you to know. To come up with these recommendations; we researched and explored different shops online  for the best grow tent kits for beginners, and surprisingly, all of them are less than $300. But remember that if you stick to this price range, it would be impossible for you to find a complete set of best grow tent kits. This investment should be done to access the proper equipment and tools for your indoor cannabis garden.

Best Soil for Growing Weed

When talking about planting marijuana, you need to consider the following essentials, for the best soil for growing weed:

Though this short list seems complex, we’re going to further explain it to you.

Drainage, Texture, & Water Retention

When choosing the right kind of soil for your marijuana plant, water retention, drainage ability, and texture are the most important considerations. Here are the signs of good soil:

If you can find the perfect soil, then you are set to have an amazing harvest. With proper texture, amazing drainage capacity, and correct water retention, you got the right combination for a grow medium! You only need to add some soil nutrients, especially when your plants enter the budding stage, and you can harvest with promising results.

Grow Tent Packages

If your grow method uses a grow tent, then you should opt for grow tent packages. They are the perfect aid for beginners and experts alike. No matter what strain of marijuana you plan to cultivate, the complete indoor growing mechanism offered by growing kits will help you. It already comes with bulbs, ballasts, and reflectors that will assist you in establishing the grow tent system that your plants deserve. Advantages of using grow tents include:

Best Grow Tent for Beginners

It comes with 100 pieces of 3W LED lights and two cooling fans. It has a full spectrum design which allows you to easily cultivate your plants in all growth stages including germination phase, the seedling phase, vegetative phase, and flowering stage. The grow tent is highly reflective with waterproof diamond Mylar. It is resilient because it is made from 600D lightproof oxford cloth. Its diameter is 16MM and it has white metal rods and 16MM plastic corners. Moreover, it comes with 4” fan filter and ducting. The package of this grow tent comes in 3 discrete and durable boxes. With all the kits to choose from, it all boils down to the available growing space you have at home. This specific kit has sufficient light power to achieve an amazing harvest from any size of grow tent you choose.

This grow tent looks like the normal grow tents you see in the market but it doesn’t have any window plastic corners. It has a well-engineered construction and 600D oxford clothing in its exterior. It is 96% reflective with a waterproof Mylar interior. It also comes with durable exterior zippers that are created to secure the safety of the plants inside. Setup is hassle-free and easy with this tent. Apart from this, it has numerous vents for the flexibility to accommodate every filter and fan. The grow tent window has 16MM diameter and its metal rods are flawlessly coated with white paint. You don’t have to physically enter your grow tent to check them, the observation windows allows the user to see the condition of the plants, without disturbing them.

The grow kit has 600W LED grow kit: 200 pieces of 3W LED, much brighter compared to other LEDs in the market. It also comes with 4 cooling fans and incredible heat dissipation. What’s unique about this grow tent is its grow light doesn’t emit any harsh heat even if it’s on for 18 hours daily. It features a full spectrum style that makes cannabis growing easier, no matter what phase they’re in. This kit is perfect if you are planning to grow at least 4 plants. Packing of this grow tent is separated into two boxes, it is stealthy and discrete.

This grow kit boasts 300w to 600w LED grow light, multi-sized grow tent and 4″ Inline Fan. It also has amazing carbon air filters and ducting combo that is perfect for those who are going for hydroponic indoor growing. Its user-friendly full-spectrum design makes it simple to take care of your plants during every growth stage including vital phases such as vegetative and flowering. It has 96% reflective and waterproof Mylar, which is responsible for its improved reflective property. This grow tent can withstand anything because it is made from 600D heavy-duty yet lightproof oxford cloth. Aside from this, it utilizes coal-based activated carbon, which is an environment-friendly material.


These are everything you need to put up your very own indoor garden at home. Make the most out of your new hobby and may this help you achieve high yields.

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