Grow Tent Ventilation Diagram

If you want to cultivate cannabis using an indoor environment, there are several factors to consider to make it a successful business or hobby. In this kind of growing set-up, you will likely use a grow tent and you have to carefully plan your ventilation system. The ventilation inside the marijuana grow tent is important to growers because of its effects on the growth and quality of the plants. Ventilation plays an important role for your plants to grow into healthy and strong cannabis.

Importance of Grow Tent Ventilation

Ventilation is important is because it increases the plant’s survival rate and improves the quality of your weed. It also regulates the level of humidity inside the grow tent. If you have a perfectly level humidity, your plants will thrive and flourish. Grow tent ventilation also prevents the infestation of pests and molds, which protects your plants from diseases.

Avoids Pests and Plant Diseases

The most popular diseases that could affect your plants are mildew, mold, fungus, spider mites, and others. These are diseases and pests that grow in humid areas and some of them are difficult to detect. Proper ventilation can help to prevent these diseases.

To avoid this unfortunate growing event, install a basic ventilation setup. It is popularly known as the passive ventilation set up and it only involves exhaust fans or extractor fans and oscillating fans or electric fans. It is basic but it is enough to combat humidity in small indoor spaces. This ventilation system removes humidity and invites fresh air to spread inside the room with the help of regular fans.

Exhaust and Duct Fans

This is the simplest and most affordable way to ventilate an indoor grow room. It is widely available in supermarkets and online shops. Even if you use it all day, it won’t add expensive electricity expenses. This is perfect for small grow rooms, such as a grow tent. One fan can ventilate an entire small grow tent, but if you have a bigger space, you can install additional fans.

There are various fan sizes that you will find in the market. They range from four to 12 inches. Six-inch fans are highly-suggested since they provide sufficient air ventilation inside a grow tent. If you are planning to purchase a four-inch fan, it is best if you get at least two fans.

For a medium-sized grow tent, an exhaust fan is highly-advisable, together with several fans. Exhaust fans will normalize the humidity in your grow area, while the fans will give fresh air to your plants. To find out how much fan power you need, determine the volume of your grow room. The volume is the size of your grow room if you look at it in a three-dimensional space. Simply multiply the width, length and height of your grow space and that is how you’ll know its volume size.


Carbon Filter removes odor from the air inside your grow room. These are the most effective solution to regulate cannabis grow room odors. Carbon filters are also known as carbon scrubbers because they scrub away the cannabis scent out of the air and removes any smell that might escape from the room.

When cultivating marijuana in an indoor setup, it needs to be private and discrete. As much as possible, you don’t want your neighbors to find out that you are growing your weed. This is why carbon filters are essential. They make sure that no scent of weed will leak through your door or window and out to your neighborhood. This equipment utilizes activated carbon that chemically sucks up the odor and potential impurities from the air that passes through the filter.

The proper way of using carbon scrubber is to install a fan that will push or pull the air inside the carbon filter. The air that goes through the filter will be free from marijuana odor, thus removing any signs that could hint your indoor marijuana garden. Growers usually install their carbon filter as part of their exhaust system inside an airtight grow tent and utilize an exhaust fan to remove the hot air out of the grow room. When the hot air is eliminated, the carbon filter absorbs the odors from the air and push it outwards, away from the plant.

Ventilation Fans

An ideal grow room has a nice and cool breeze inside with a 6-inch duct fan. This means that you should position the air above and below your plants. Never place the fan directly to your cannabis plant since it will ruin its stems and leaves. Once you place the fans at an appropriate position, inspect every angle of the grow room to ensure that every part receives an equal amount of light breeze. You can always adjust it to make sure that the entire grow room is surrounded by the ideal amount of air from your inline duct fan.


The ventilation system inside your grow room should be treated as a priority. For beginners, it is normal to go through the trial and error process. This will help you establish the right ventilation system for your crops. Apart from this, you also need to acquaint yourself with how indoor living environment functions and that include grow lights, exhaust fans, humidifiers, etc. This will assist you in achieving a successful cannabis harvest.

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