How To Grow a Weed Plant Indoors

Though states have different regulations, limitations, and laws when it comes to the legalization of cannabis, indoor growing is somehow allowed to some extent. However, even if cannabis growing is legal, some people find it intimidating due to the perception that it is time-consuming and costly.

Look for an Ideal Grow Space

Before doing anything, you need to find reputable marijuana seed banks and a place to grow your cannabis. It can be in your old closet, unused basement, or spare bedroom. Once you have available space, you need to prep it for growing. The fastest and simplest way to do it is to purchase a grow tent. Numerous brands offer cheap yet high-quality tents on Amazon.

Get Soil and Pots

You can grow cannabis without using soil but if it is your first time, it’s best to keep it simple and grow your plants in soil. This is because it is easy to source out and they are inexpensive as well. You can use any soil provided that it has good quality. Stay away from the soil with artificial fertilizers and other harmful chemicals.

Install a Powerful Grow Light

There are a wide variety of grow lights that you can find in the market, but for beginners, it’s best if you stick to the basic first. LED grow light is highly-advisable for novice growers. They are easy to use and they don’t require a lot of money to operate. They have the same price or less than a regular HID system.

Install Proper Ventilation

Marijuana plants always crave for fresh air. They thrive when they are given enough amount of cool and light breeze. It also prevents mold formation and other harmful pests and diseases. The easiest way to access the ideal breeze that your plants need is by installing a fan in your grow room.

These are all the vital components that you need to start your indoor garden. Once you gathered all of them, time to begin cultivating. But before anything else, you can’t cultivate without the most essential element which is the cannabis plant itself.

Buying Seeds from Marijuana Seed Banks

If you already know someone who can give you cannabis seeds or clones, you can skip this part of the article and move to the next step.

Generally, growers get their seeds from an online seed bank. The trick is to purchase from a bank situated outside the United States. This is because buying seeds that will be delivered across state lines can cause serious problems. But if they are sourced from a different country, the only thing you need to worry about is if they will be confiscated at the customs. That’s basically the worst thing that could happen and if it does, you can reach out to the seed bank and they will send you a replacement right away.

Grow Tents

Grow tents are the center of your indoor garden. That’s why it is very important to choose a reflective grow tent that comes with supreme-quality. You can also opt for grow tent kits – an all-in-one package that comes with a high-quality grow tent, suitable for different growing techniques. Grow tents are easy to set up and straightforward to organize. They allow growers to alter the growing environment to match the needs of the plants for each growing stage. Moreover, grow tent kits give you the freedom to manipulate the temperature and humidity level inside your growing room. Using filters and duct fans, you can easily create the perfect growing environment for your plants and maintain it that way.

Grow Tent Exhaust fan

When it comes to indoor growing, proper ventilation is essential to support the proper growth of your plants. Since growers always ignore the importance of ventilation such as a grow tent exhaust fan inside the grow tent, treat this as a lesson and make grow room ventilation one of your priorities. Once you establish the perfect ventilation inside your grow room, you will reap numerous benefits including increased plant growth and less pest infestation.

Quiet Exhaust Fan

The most popular ventilation system is called the passive ventilation setup including a quiet exhaust fan. It is highly recommended for a small grow room or tent, especially if you are having a lot of trouble eliminating excess humidity. This simple thing is only made of exhaust fans or extractor fans and basic electric fans or oscillating fans.

Passive ventilation setup works by removing humidity from the grow space and generating cool breeze in the entire room. Note that you need to invest in a quiet exhaust fan to maintain the privacy of your indoor cannabis garden.

Where Should The Fans Be Placed?

Don’t know where to place the fans in your indoor grow tent? Below are some tips to guide you accordingly:


Understand your local laws before you begin growing your cannabis indoors. These plants are wild and they can survive in different climates. They are also easy to cultivate, provided that they receive every essential element they need.

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