Inline Booster Fan
Indoor growing of cannabis plants has become popular due to the relaxation of laws governing marijuana use. Both cannabis enthusiasts and commercial growers prefer indoor growing as it gives them better control of the growing operations. Growing cannabis indoors can bring a slew of problems because of the absence of the type of ventilation available in an outdoor growing environment. To approximate outdoor growing conditions, inline booster fans must be installed in the growing area.

Indoor growing of cannabis plants

Cannabis plants growing in the wild love fresh air and a nice breeze. The growth environment is drastically changed when cannabis plants are grown indoors, where there is no natural air circulation. The use of an exhaust fan is necessary to create a perfect indoor environment for your cannabis plants that mimics the conditions in nature.

Growing cannabis indoors without any exhaust for heat can make the grow area way too humid and hot, even when the grower uses only a small grow lights. Too much heat and humidity in the grow room can lead to many issues, including root problems, heartburn, and white powdery mildew. The same conditions could also lead to spider mites, bud rot, and fungus gnats, and a slew of unpleasant guests in the grow area.

Installing an exhaust fan that will draw the air out of the growing area will lead to the cannabis plants grow faster and many random problems disappearing. Indoor cannabis growers may be unintentionally hurting their plants by missing out on a few important points about air circulation and installing inline exhaust fans to vent out the heat and humidity.

Air circulation in the grow room

The way air moves around in the grow space is an essential ingredient in creating a perfect growing environment for cannabis. Indoor growers of cannabis need to create a better-than-nature environment for their plants. The way the air moves has a big impact on how cannabis plants will grow.

When growing cannabis indoors, the plants will be in a relatively sealed environment bereft of regular access to wind, causing some problems compared to growing outdoors. Good air circulation benefits the cannabis plants in the following ways:

  • Air circulation protects cannabis plants against bud rot, mold, and white powdery mildew
  • Air circulation will make the cannabis plants less likely to get fungus gnats and spider mites
  • Air circulation strengthens the plants’ stems by allowing them to sway and bend like in
  • Air circulation helps control heat and humidity to create a perfect growing environment

As air blows over the cannabis leaves, it carries away moisture released during transpiration, allowing the plants to drink more water and pull in more nutrients at the roots. The regular removal of moisture on the leaves lowers the chance of the plant running into a mold, while powdery mildew, or bud rot.

Temperature and Humidity Control

Good air circulation combined brought about by an exhaust system will help disperse heat and water vapor evenly throughout the growing area. Oscillating fans that blow above and below the canopy of the plant will help equalize the air, eliminating hot or humid spots.

Inline Exhaust Fan

Every indoor cannabis grower knows that getting the right equipment is a necessity but the challenge lies in the number of variations for the same equipment. Indoor growers will not question the need for an exhaust fan but choosing the right one out of the many brands and sizes will require recommendations from experts.

A good quality booster fan is the most important equipment indoor growers could buy. The inline booster fan will ensure that enough CO2 will be available for the plants. Having a carbon filter fan combo also helps in circulation, as well as improve the odor in the room. It will also ensure that the air is kept circulating and constantly replaced with fresh air frequently.

There are different sizes of inline fans. The type of fan to use depends on the grow tent as well as the number of plants. You can use 4-inch fan for smaller tents, or with only a couple of plants Larger tents require more than one 6-inch fans. The following inline exhaust fans can provide the needed air circulation in the cannabis indoor grow area:

4 Inch Inline Fans

  • TerraBloom Inline Duct Fan 100 CFM, 4 Inch – This duct fan is designed to exhaust and intake air. It comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Soler & Palau TD – 100XS In-line Exhaust Fan – This 4-inch fan is extremely quiet
  • Active Air 4 Inch In-Line Fan 165 CFM – It has durable ceramic-coated housing
  • TerraBloom 4 Inch 188 CFM Inline Duct Fan with Variable Speed Controller – This inline fan has sound-reducing acoustic foam that decreases noise by up to 50%. It is equipped with a built-in fan motor speed controller. This fan is a great choice for indoor marijuana growing
  • iPower 4 Inch Fan 190 CFM Duct Inline Fan Vent Blower – This inline fan uses quality UL components for quiet operation. The fan removes heat from the systems to solve air delivery problems

6 Inch Inline Fans

  • Vortex 347 CFM S Line S0600 Fan, 6” – This inline fan has ultra-quiet operations and is energy efficient
  • AC Infinity CLOUDLINE T6, Quiet Inline Duct Booster Fan 6 with Thermostat Speed Control – This inline fan is designed to ventilate quietly grow tents. It is equipped with an intelligent controller and thermostat programming
  • Active Air 400 CFM Inline Fan, 6-Inch – This inline fan operates quietly and is ceramic coated for durability
  • Hurricane 435 CFM Inline Fan, 6-Inch – This inline fan is manufactured using quality UL components to achieve quiet operation. It can be installed in a matter of minutes


Ventilation is essential for successful indoor marijuana growing. Ventilation in an enclosed space can be achieved by installing inline booster fans that will allow drawing out of heat and moisture while bringing in fresh air for the plants’ growth.

There are various inline booster fans available on the market and will suit the various needs of the indoor growers.

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