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For growers who are looking for ways on how to improve their harvest, LED grow tent kits are the best option for cheap indoor grow setup. LED technology has rapidly become one of the most sought-after kinds of grow lights in the field of indoor growing. It has low heat output, low energy use, and wide-spectrum lights. LED tent packages have everything you need in terms of growing a healthy plant and harvesting massive yield, minus the tiring work and high-maintenance.

Ideal Size of LED Grow Tent Kit You Need

The size of your grow tent depends on the number of plants you want to cultivate and the growing space you have at home. For growers who are cultivating for personal use, we suggest a 2’ x 4’ LED Grow Tent Kit or 5’ x 5’ LED Grow Tent Kit. You can also opt for a much bigger 10’ x 20’ LED Grow Tent Kit.

What is inside a LED Grow Tent Kit?

Grow Tent

Depending on the size that you choose, you can cultivate at least 2-65 plants in a grow tent. We recommend High Rise Grow Tent or Gorilla Grow Tent.

Grow Light

Light hangers, light times, and LED grow light

Growing Method

You can choose between growing your plants using a hydroponic method which includes Deep Water Culture System and Root Spa or in the soil which involves saucers and pots.

Ventilation System

Fan controller, exhaust fan, circulation fan, carbon filter, clamps, and ducting.

Additional accessories

Thermometer-Hygrometer, Trimming Scissors, Ice Water/Dry Ice Extraction Bags that is essential during the post-harvest extraction process.

Cheap indoor grow Setup

Cultivating cannabis indoors is affordable however you just need to gather all the essential requirements to put up the most basic grow room in your house, apartment, or unit. Preparing a reasonable budget is vital.

Requirements of an Ideal Grow Room

Planting cannabis indoors is one of the most productive ways to achieve high yields. This is because you, as a grower, have all the control over each feature in your growing environment. We’re talking about humidity, lighting, ventilation, nutrients, water, temperature, and other factors – all controlled by you. You get to decide the exact level of each feature and the specific amount to give to your plants.

Furthermore, indoor growing is free from damaging environmental factors that can restrict the growth of your plants. To simply say it, even if you have to spend a reasonable amount of money in indoor growing, it all pays off because of its benefits.

Below are the requirements of an ideal grow room:


A grow room needs to be lightproof, that is the rule of thumb in indoor growing. Note that hours of light and hours of darkness both play an equally important role in the successful growth of your plant. For instance, during the vegetative stage of your cannabis plant, it needs to have 6 hours of darkness and 18 hours of light. Then, during the flowering stage, it should have 12 hours of darkness and light. When it is exposed to 12 hours of darkness, the cannabis must be free from any light source or it will return to the vegetative stage.

Air extraction

An air extractor is essential equipment inside a grow room. Grow lights emit a massive amount of heat and this need to be eliminated to avoid damage to your plants. This is where an air extractor gets in the picture, it filters the hot air and removes unnecessary odor in the grow room for the perfect environment.

Waterproof flooring

When you water your plants, the excess water from the pots will flow onto the floor. You also need to spray the floor once in a while to eliminate humidity in the room. This being said, waterproof flowering is a must in your grow room.


The reason why grow room needs to be airtight is to prevent its strong, pungent odor from spreading into your entire house and neighborhood. It could alarm your neighbors and hint them about your little cannabis farm, which is something you should avoid. Use a carbon filter to screen the smell and eliminate it once and for all.


If you have a lot of grow lights – which is required in a grow room, you also need to face the heat they release. Though they should be removed at some point, they are beneficial for your plants during the night. Proper heating keeps the warm environment in your grow room, which is essential during the night.

Using a Vivosun Grow Tent

A Vivosun grow tent is unlike any other brands of grow tent. It comes with a floor tray and observation windows to name a few remarkable features. Though these features are not mandatory, they offer to make indoor growing easier and hassle-free. Vivosun grow tents are well-known in the cannabis community because of the advantages it brings to growers.

Most grow tents in the market make it difficult for the grower to observe their crops if they are outside but Vivosun Grow Tents are different. They offer a clear view of the tent window where you can observe your plants and monitor their growth. The tent has a transparent observation window on the front door which makes it easy for regular observation. On top of that, the observation window is sealed with canvas to restrict any light from reflecting inside the tent. This grow tent speaks of innovation and smart design.

Grow Tent Ventilation

Cannabis plants use carbon dioxide to produce sugars and oxygen. Grow rooms have an average of 350 ppm of carbon dioxide but this rapidly runs out if your plants are in an enclosed area. Insufficient carbon dioxide can restrict the fast growth of your plants, that’s why you must allow plenty of fresh air and have good grow tent ventilation inside your grow room.


If you are planning to grow your very own cannabis plants in your home, apartment, or any indoor area, the above information should enable you to get a good start. Growing cannabis is not easy, but it does not need to be very difficult.

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