Planting cannabis indoor is not actually easy but it doesn’t have to be difficult as well. In this article, you will learn how to cultivate marijuana in your own home and start your first-ever indoor garden.

When growing cannabis, here are the important things your plants need:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Light
  • Nutrients
  • Growing space

To be successful in indoor gardening, you need to understand, balance, and control these things because they are the essential needs of your plants. If you still don’t know about this, don’t worry because you will be well-acquainted with each of them later on. If you follow the steps below, you will have no trouble caring for your first ever indoor weed garden.

Choosing Seed Providers

When it comes to reputable seed providers, online distributors might never cross your mind. But you’ll be surprised that the internet is the home of the most trustworthy seed banks.

Online seed banks will permit you to choose the right strain that will match your time and size requirements. They also offer feminized seeds which provide higher and quality yields. Having an all-female seeds is a great advantage for novice growers because they can’t afford to throw away any plants due to limited growing space and budget. Feminized seeds will save you time, energy, and money thus you’ll also have increased weed production.

In addition to this, online seed banks provide an extremely potent marijuana strain which is another reason why growers prefer to shop from them. If you need more information about the seeds, Seed Supreme Reviews provide in-depth discussions about the various strains and varieties.

Buy Your Seeds Online

When talking about online seed purchase, you have to consider the laws in your state. Not all places have laws that declare marijuana legal and you should be aware of that. In the UK or US, the government won’t sue you for ordering seeds online but they will go after marijuana growers. This is why you need to be discrete with your online transaction even if the government doesn’t pay attention to it.

Aside from that, you also need to be patient. Ordering marijuana seeds from an international distributor takes at least 1-4 weeks. Usually, the delivery process is fast but you need to be open to possibilities that it can take longer.

What we are trying to say here is be patient and avoid worrying because eventually, your package will arrive. But in case you still have no update after 2-3 weeks, you can reach out to the seed bank and ask them about the status of your order.

Lastly, don’t tell anyone that you are planning an indoor marijuana garden. This is the most basic rule but it is also the most common reason why growers were busted. Once you tell your friend about your plan, he will tell it to another friend and the cycle goes on until you get busted. There are hundreds of marijuana seeds that are confiscated each day and you want to avoid that.

Growing Cannabis in Smart Pots

Marijuana plants are weeds that need simple things. It will continue to thrive and grow as long as it receives a sufficient amount of the following:

  • Light – adequate level of brightness leads to higher yields. Apollo Horticulture supplies good quality lighting for indoor growers.
  • Growing space – soil and water are ideal growing medium
  • Air – fresh air with a gentle breeze has the best effect on plant growth
  • Temperature – room temperature or slightly warmer is the best during the day
  • Nutrients – follow the recommended amount on the package
  • Water – soil needs to be at 6-7 pH while hydro needs to be at 5.5 – 6.5 pH

The use of smart pots is highly recommended as these are light, cloth pots which allow for the easy transfer of plants when the roots out grow the pot. These are also great for the development of the plant’s root structure. There are several standard smart pot sizes, allowing for the plants to be moved to larger pots as they grow larger.

No matter where you plant your cannabis, whether it is in outdoor or indoor garden, it is important that they receive these six essential resources for them to flourish and for you to have a successful pot harvest.

Marijuana plants rapidly grow in such a short period of time and need lots of energy from the light to stretch and yield quality buds. In fact, if you let marijuana grow in the wild, it can grow from six to ten feet high in six months.

This is why there are many indoor growers who think that placing their marijuana plant beside a sunny window will increase its growth. However, the light from the window is not enough. What you’ll get in the end are thin wispy hairs during the flowering stage and that means you are out of luck. This is why you need to practice the techniques and methods we have mentioned above to successfully begin your indoor cannabis garden.

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