Small Grow Tent Kit

Grow tent kits offer all the important components needed to build an ideal indoor growing environment for cannabis plants. These kits are beneficial especially for beginners who still have limited skills and knowledge in indoor gardening. It comes with a grow tent, grow light, accessories, and ventilation. This is the all-in-one equipment that is tried and tested by expert and novice growers – which helped them become successful cannabis growing.

Grow tent kits are composed of high-quality equipment created by well-known manufacturers in the field. Growers can be sure that it will last for a long period. These are not made from low-quality materials that still need multiple upgrades and replacement before you can see a whole growing cycle.

What makes grow tent kits flexible is they are available in different sizes. For first-time growers, they are usually looking for small grow tent to start their production.

The smallest grow tent in the market is the 60×60 grow tent kits and it comes in three height options for growers to choose from, including:

All of these variations of 60 x 60 grow tent kit are furnished with 150 digital grow light which comes with a Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Lamp and a timer for an accurate light cycle. The DR60 kit also comes with acoustic ducting and heavy-duty Rhino PRO filter that has a lifespan of 2 years.

Another small grow tent kit that you can find in the market is 90 x 90. It comes in two height options, including:

These two variations of 90 x 90 grow tent kit features 400W grow light that comes with dual spectrum lamp. This type of light fixture increases the lighting reach to every corner.

LED Grow Light

For users who consume cannabis-based products daily, growing the plant at home is a very enticing idea. This is because it offers endless benefits including affordable and convenient access to medical marijuana. Several people cultivate their cannabis at home for medical and recreational use. However, some of them complain about their plants withering too quickly and getting a minimal harvest.

These problems are usually due to an inappropriate amount of lighting. Grow lights can make or break your mini-cannabis plantation. If used properly, they can lead to massive yields but if not, they can damage your plants. Below are ways to tackle the basic things you need to pay attention when utilizing 1000w LED grow lights so your plants can flourish into healthy and strong cannabis. This is helpful for first-timers.

1. Producing Too Much Heat

Examine your plants and if their light-colored foliage begins to turn into brown, then it is a sign that they are under too much heat. The initial signs look like narrow outlines on the outer corner of the leaves. If you happen to notice this earlier, the better. Another sign of overheating is when the leaves of your plants start to curl up. Adjust your light fixture and install good ventilation to help you resolve this issue.

2. Giving Less Amount of Lighting to your Plants

It is essential to think about the number of plants you are planning to cultivate to determine how many LED grow lights you will need to illuminate your whole grow room. You also have to consider the intensity of the grow lights you are utilizing. For instance, a 200W LED light is adequate for 100 grams of harvest. See to it that you have sufficient lamps and look for a balance between giving enough lighting to your plants and not overheating them.

3. Placing the Grow Lights at Incorrect Distance

Giving your plants less or too much can both result in detrimental damage. The problem starts with placing the lights too far or too close to the plants. There is no distinct rule in terms of the distance of the light but it is suggested that LEDs should be positioned at 12 to 18 inches away from the plants.

HID Grow Lights

What is HID actually? HID grow lights refer to High-Intensity Discharge grow lights. It is a kind of light bulb – an extremely big light bulb that’s about the same size as your forearm. It is sealed inside a tube together with gas and it produces light when the gas is kindled. It is the same with the normal light bulb used inside the house but HID bulb comes with two electrodes that produce an electric current in between them which lights up the gas. HID bulbs utilize gas inside its bulb to illuminate the whole grow tent. The main types involve Metal Halide (MH) and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS).

HID lighting system is composed of three primary components: a bulb, a reflector that increases the efficiency of the bulb by reflecting the light towards the plant’s surface, and a ballast that is used to light up the bulb.

When looking for an HID system, you should first consider the amount of space that you want to illuminate. With this, you will have an idea which one to pick among several varieties that include Mars Hydro 300w, 400W, 600W, and 1000W. The 400W can cover about 3.5 x 3.5 ft. The 600W can light up at least 4 x 4 ft. and the 1000W can fill in approximately 5×5 ft.


Growing cannabis indoors seems like a daunting task for beginners. With the help of grow tent kits, you can cultivate your cannabis at home without any hassle. Everything you need is available in one kit and that makes it even easier. On top of that, grow tents have different sizes and height options. You can choose according to the space available in your grow room and the number of plants you plan to cultivate.

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